7 Wonders City Executive block

7 Wonders City Islamabad Executive Block


7 Wonders City Executive block is the latest addition in Seven Wonders City Islamabad, making it a valuable investment opportunity. And it is a suitable investment and a living space for the residents of the twin cities. Moreover, the developers are already famous for their magnificent work performance and high-quality deliverables. Furthermore,  the residential venture site is the fascinating feature that motivates the investors for this valuable and long-term investment. And the developers are famous for their work performance in Karachi, known as the Seven Wonders City Karachi.

Its popularity is the high-quality infrastructure and the seven wonders replicas. But, most importantly, the prices are also fascinating to investors according to the amenities and features available. And this blog will cover all the details of 7 wonders City Executive block. So, keep reading to learn more valuable content regarding this new development.

7 Wonders City Executive Block

The block is the new addition to the GFS housing venture, 7 Wonders City Islamabad. Moreover, the block indicates investors enjoy investing in this marvellous residential project. Furthermore, the most outstanding factor of investing here is its legality. As we know, the housing venture is from the TME Fateh Jang. Moreover, the block is interchangeably known as the overseas block in the residential community, with several living space options. Most importantly, as the name suggests, the residents will benefit from living with the seven wonders replicas in a single gated community.

Executive Block Location

The site is why this block is in the eyes of all investors locally and globally. Moreover, the exact site location details will be available soon. However, the speculation is that it will be at the green city at Fateh Jang Road. Since the GFS developers have managed to purchase the land from the green city, it will not be odd to imagine that the 7 Wonders City executive block will be the surrounding of this venture. Lastly,  the development work is also going at high speed, and soon the residents will enjoy a happy and blissful life.

Executive Block Plot Sizes

There will be numerous options of properties available here that will fulfil the living standards of the residents. Moreover, as we know, it will also be the overseas block, so investors globally are willing to make a valuable and profitable investment here. Furthermore, the living space will have the best amenities and features. Lastly,  the plots available at 7 Wonders City executive block will include:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Executive Block Payment Plan

The housing ventures never fail to impress the investors with their services and customer satisfaction. Moreover, their 7 Wonders City executive block prices are now available. As per the details, they will be low-priced properties with an easy instalment plan like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Furthermore, there will be 12 quarterly instalments and 36 monthly instalments. However, the 25% downpayment is mandatory to pay to start the investment in this newly launched block.

The developers of this residential block are also offering the 7 Wonders City executive block platter offer. Moreover, the offer allows all the investors to give the possessions of the plots. But, they have to pay the 50% Downpayment from the total amount. Therefore, it becomes the ideal investment option for everyone looking for possession able properties in the twin cities. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing is here to guide the clients in achieving the best deals in the newly launched block. Lastly, executive block prices are as follows:

7 Wonders City Executive block Payment Plan


The 7 Wonders City executive block is a newly launched housing block that will be available soon for all investors. Moreover, the site is the most beneficial aspect of investing in this housing venture as it is at the M-14 CPEC Route, Hakla Interchange and Faten Jang on both sides. And the prices are also fascinating to prospective residents. Moreover, it is not hard to say that the residential project is the best option that offers the ideal pre-launched rates to all the investors from the twin cities.

Furthermore, this block will also be known as the overseas block that will fulfil the living requirements of the locals and investors worldwide. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will help you get the best deals at this newly launched block. So, connect with them immediately for the best deals.

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