7 Wonders City Islamabad Launches Gfs Gold Block

7 Wonders City Islamabad Launches Gfs Gold Block


Gold Block is one of the latest addition in the 7 Wonder city Islamabad. Moreover, several blocks will be available in the community to offer the best and most luxurious living standards to all investors and residents. The best aspect is that investors know that the developers are trustworthy to make a sustainable residential investment. Furthermore, in Gfs Gold Block, there will be a premium quality structural quality that will enhance the living experiences of the investors. Therefore, the investors here will experience a unique lifestyle. Furthermore, the seven wonders replica and its lucrative features will create an attractive investment opportunity for all investors. Lastly, there will be details of the gold block available in the community.

7 Wonders City Islamabad

7 Wonder city is a luxurious residential project developing near twin cities. The developers offer countless amenities to everyone to help them achieve the ideal lifestyle. There will be the option for different residential and commercial opportunities. The best aspect is that the properties available here will be highly affordable and have a provision installation available for everyone. The best part is that the investors will have a secure community environment because of the global specifications available at the housing project.

Gfs Gold Block

The GFs Gold Block will be the latest addition to the 7 Wonders City Islamabad. Moreover, the best living facilities will accommodate the investors in attaining the best lifestyle in the community, like the previous blocks available at the housing project. Most importantly, the developers’ idea is to start a place that fulfils the residential needs of the investors and the inhabitants. Moreover, the properties available there will be reasonable with the instalment provision, ensuring that the investors can lead a life of serenity and luxury. Lastly, features like high-quality infrastructure and essential and high-end commodities will be available at the gold block.

Gold Block Noc Status

The best news for the investors is that the block has a noc approval, which will enhance the living standards of future inhabitants. The reason is that the investors are creating a space that ensures a sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, several amenities will make investment opportunities more viable and profitable. First, the best aspect available here is it has legitimacy under TMA Fateh Jang. Therefore, the investment here is the best and most worthwhile investment opportunity for everyone. Lastly, residential investments are usually long-term investments that investors rarely make in their lifetime. So, investing in a legitimate investment near Islamabad will create a profitable long-term investment.

Gold Block Payment Plan

Investors can book a property here by submitting a 15% downpayment. Moreover, by giving 40%, the shareholders can get the plot possession. The other amount will be payable in easy instalments. Moreover, like previous blocks available at the 7 Wonder City Islamabad, the plot for sale here will be highly affordable with efficient instalment plans. The other details of the prices will be available for the investors soon by the officials. As we know, the seven wonder city is known for its unique features availability, like the seven wonders replicas and world-class amenities in the gated community. Now all investors can experience an outstanding living experience at inexpensive rates.

Gold Block Residential Properties

The gold lock will offer all future inhabitants and investors residential properties. Moreover, there will be premium structural quality will available for everyone. Therefore, prospective investors can get all the essential and high-end features and amenities here. Most importantly, these residential properties will be noc approved, helping create sustainable living standards. Furthermore, the current updates ensure that GFS Developers’ are offering residential properties in the community. And the size specifications of the residential properties are here.

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal


The gold block is the new addition to the 7 Wonders city Islamabad. Moreover, the developers of the block are making a legitimate residential space for all investors. The other interesting factor is the minimal amount payable by the shareholders to create the ideal and sustainable investment in the community. Furthermore, the GFS Developers keep luxurious and high-quality living standards available for all shareholders at highly inexpensive rates. Therefore, there will be 5, 7, Marla and 1 Kanal residential properties accessible for the prospective inhabitants. The other details and development status will be available at the Estate Land Marketing. So, stay updated with them.

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