A new commission is proposed to revise the master plan for Islamabad

A new commission is proposed to revise the master plan for Islamabad

News sources said on December 9 that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) sent a summary to the federal government asking them to form a new commission to revise the master plan for Islamabad.

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The Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad has put together a seven-person committee to work on improving the rules for building control. The director general of design will be in charge of the committee, which wants to change the rules to make them clearer. The committee will also work to speed up the building approval process, which currently takes three years for buildings on plots of all sizes. According to the new plans, the CDA will have to make a decision on building plans within 10 days of receiving them. The official said that the changes would be posted on the CDA website so that Pakistanis living abroad could learn about the rules before they bought plots.

The current master plan for Islamabad was made by the Greek firm Doxiadis Associates. They suggested that it be updated every 20 years to keep up with changes in the city. But each new government kept making small changes to the master plan instead of changing it completely.

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