CDA, SUPARCO sign MoU to establish Geo-Spatial Technology Wing

CDA, SUPARCO sign MoU to establish Geo-Spatial Technology Wing

A news source said on December 8 that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and SUPARCO signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to set up the Geo-Spatial Technology Wing at CDA.

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At the SUPARCO Headquarters, the agreement was signed by the CDA Chairman, Captain (Retired) Muhammad Usman Younis, and the SUPARCO Chairman. The agreement says that SUPARCO will help CDA set up the Geo-Spatial Technology wing. According to the details, the newly hired staff for the wing will be trained by SUPARCO. It was said that SUPARCO will send the authority images every three months, including high-resolution images.

The wing will also help with special training and monitoring, such as data management and geospatial services. The Geo-Spatial Technology Cell will be done in two years, according to the news source. SUPARCO will help with things like mapping, monitoring, and planning, among other things.

Setting up this wing will help improve the infrastructure by doing things like mapping based on information in the CDA and feasibility studies. Also, it will help CDA with satellite data for operational use, evaluating projects based on internal information, and online data management like web GIS portal, capacity building, and Geo-Spatial lab.

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