EPA Punjab releases Lahore Master Plan 2050 public notice

EPA Punjab releases Lahore Master Plan 2050 public notice

Lahore: A leading newspaper reported that the Punjab Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has asked the public, stakeholders, and people who will be affected by the Lahore Master Plan 2050 to submit their concerns about the final Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

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The EPA has also asked people to attend the open discussion and give their thoughts on the Lahore Master Plan 2050. This is in addition to sending in reservations and suggestions. The discussion will give people in the public a chance to share their thoughts on the plan and their experiences with the EPA and other interested parties. This open discussion will be a big part of how the EPA shapes the Lahore Master Plan 2050 to help the people of Punjab as much as possible.

The government of Punjab has already approved the Lahore Master Plan 2050 and given an order to make it happen. The goal of the plan is to make Lahore more resilient and sustainable and to deal with the problems caused by the city’s growing population.

Some of the most important parts of the plan are to make more green spaces, encourage vertical development, protect historical and cultural heritage buildings, stop unapproved housing developments, and set up infrastructure for public welfare. Overall, the Lahore Master Plan 2050 is meant to improve the quality of life for the people of Lahore and make sure that the city can continue to grow and thrive.

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