CDA demolishes structures and clears encroachments

CDA demolishes structures and clears encroachments

CDA demolishes structures and clears encroachments. The CDA enforcement section, with the support of the district administration and the police, undertook multiple operations against encroachments and illegal constructions in various regions, demolishing unlicensed buildings, residences, and other structures. Unlicensed buildings, houses, and other constructions will be razed since they are illegal, and the consequences will be severe. If any property is lost as a result of this conduct, the government is not accountable. Illegal properties are not permitted to continue their business.

According to an official statement, the operations began at Saidpur, where used heavy machinery to demolish an illegal chamber, four walls, and a gate. Parts of a plaza, whose basement was illegally accessed by a sidewalk with illegal gates, were also removed in I-10/4’s Ameer Market.

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A plaza built on government land near Zia Masjid in Shakrial was also demolished and took the building supplies. Later, three new under-construction DPCs in the Bari Imam neighborhood were dismantled. Furthermore, an illegal plaza in Sangjani’s Sarai Mado demolishes because some structure portions were built on government land. All objects that come into being and are on government land are not permitted to remain there. The government has taken control of all of the available property, and no construction is permitted on government-owned ground.

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The CDA demolishes management stated on this occasion that protecting government land is a key priority and that the anti-encroachment push to make Islamabad an encroachment-free city will continue by federal government directives.

It should mention that the enforcement department of CDA has been conducting operations against unlawful encroachments and structures for several months, resulting in the recovery of public land valued in the billions of dollars.

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