Plot files that will not be manually entertained include: CDA

Plot files that will not be manually entertained include: CDA

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided that all plot allocation files will be moved to the National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) system on May 16.

A few years ago, the CDA’s branch that handles cases of people whose land was taken by the authority and who are entitled to new plots got a lot of calls about fake allotment cases. These cases are also being looked into by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

A member of the CDA’s information technology branch told that it has been decided that all cases from the information technology branch and the estate management branch will be handled by the NRTC system.

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He said that by doing this, all files will be easy to find and all CDA officers will be able to access them. They will always know where the files are and if they are real. The officer said that the applicant could also check the status of their files by using a tracking number.

“If this system is run properly, the chances of fake and bogus allotment will go down by a huge amount,” the official said. He also said that a few years ago, CDA was hit by a huge scam involving fake and backdated allotment cases, which is still being investigated by FIA.

In the meantime, a notice from the CDA on May 6 said that all cases involving people whose land had been taken by the CDA would be sent to the NRTC, and updates on each case’s progress would be posted regularly.

It also said that no file should move without being entered into the NRTC system. All cases sent to the accounts office, both new and old, should also be done so through the NRTC system.

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