Plantation to become a requirement for all new uplift projects

Plantation to become a requirement for all new uplift projects

Plantation to become a requirement for all new uplift projects. New uplift initiatives will be required to plant trees. Chief Minister Mahmood Khan has asked the competent authorities to take the required procedures to make plantation a mandatory component of all new provincial government projects’ PC-Is. All development initiatives, he argued, should include plantations on a modest scale.

The chief minister issued the decision while chairing a meeting about the monsoon plantation campaign here on Friday. It went over the first two weeks of the plantation campaign’s progress.

The meeting was attended by Acting Chief Secretary Zafar Ali Shah, CM’s Principal Secretary Amjad Ali Khan, administrative secretaries of concerned departments, divisional commissioners, and other high-ranking officials. The CM chairs the meeting on the monsoon campaign.

The participants were informed that set the total objective for the monsoon plantation campaign at 58 million and that 774 different plantation operations were carried out across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during the first two weeks beginning August 1.

Officials stated that 1.1 million saplings were planted by involving elected officials and the general public. As a result, an aggregate total of eight million saplings was produced across the province during the first two weeks of the program.

“Similarly, 112 million plant enclosures have been planned, and 56 million plant enclosures have been ensured in the two weeks leading up to the drive,” it was reported. In addition, according to officials, supplied 1.5 million saplings to individuals for private plantations.

The chief minister directed the to-the-point authorities to ensure that they met the campaign’s aim of 100 percent. He advocated for planting along riverbanks, highways, and near irrigation channels, among other locations selected for this purpose.

Mahmood Khan emphasized the importance of focusing on an urban plantation and urged the competent authorities to carry out extensive farms at divisional, district, and tehsil headquarters levels. He also requested that the local government administration assign responsibility for protecting saplings planted in their domains to all TMAs. Finally, he reaffirmed his government’s commitment to making the province’s 10 Billion Tree Tsunami plan successful.

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