A new cemetery for the capital is in the works for residents

A new cemetery for the capital is in the works for residents

A new cemetery for the capital is in the works for residents. The lack of graveyards and insufficient space in existing cemeteries has been one of the most pressing issues confronting residents of the federal capital in recent years as they struggle to find a place to bury their loved ones.

With the congestion of urban cemeteries of Islamabad in mind, Ali Nawaz Awan, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Capital Development Authority matters, said that the capital city would have its first CDA-approved cemetery in a rural region the following month.

According to the SAPM, a new graveyard is being built on ten acres (80 Kanals) near Bhara Kahu, with a capacity of 5,200 burials. The SAPM also stated that the cemetery would contain parking, lighting, water amenities, and an ambulance to assist with funeral services.

“The graveyard is ready and would be in use in a month,” stated special assistant Awan. He noted that half of the work has been done and that he will complete the remaining work shortly and that the cemetery in the rural region has been a long-standing demand of the locals.

Graveyard land demarcation will be read in 15 days, according to SHC.

“There was no graveyard in the rural area of Islamabad,” Awan explained, “so families had to return to their native towns to bury their loved ones because Islamabad’s existing cemeteries were running out; of burial space.” He also stated that the 10-acres purchased from CDA are being developed using funding provided by the city.

According to Awan, the cemetery’s border and pathways will cost Rs27 million to build, who also mentioned that a tree-planting initiative would take place in the region. In discussions held in September 2019, the CDA authorized the site to measure 10 acres of land (reserved forest) for the graveyard near Mouza Kot Haythial (North), Murree Road, in Bhara Kahu, according to a notification released on June 25, 2020.

When asked about the delay and the use of forest property for the cemetery, officials from the SAPM’s office explained that the delay happened because two different tenders for the building work were published. The CDA had examined all factors before granting the land. They claimed that because the location was hilly, they spent most of the time leveling it.

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