The Srinagar Highway will be signal-free when completed

The Srinagar Highway will be signal-free when completed

The Srinagar Highway will be signal-free when completed. The city managers want to make the busiest part of the Srinagar Highway signal-free by building three underpasses or interchanges.

SAPM Ali Nawaz Awan told Dawn on Monday that it has been decided that the Srinagar Highway will not have any traffic signals. This means that the highway will not have any signs.

He said that Planning Minister Asad Umar, who will soon chair a meeting to get a report from the CDA on the project, will do that.

“The CDA is already working on making the Srinagar Highway signal-free, and he said that now, drivers have to deal with traffic jams at places like the G-10 and G-11 signals.”

When asked, CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed said: “It’s done. We’re going to make the Srinagar Highway signal free.” “My team is already working on the design and PC-I,” he said. The CDA is also looking into building three underpasses instead of three interchanges because tunnels are cheaper than interchanges, and the funds could construct public bus service.

“We are looking at both interchanges and underpasses as ways to get around.” CDA Chairman: “We’ll see if an underpass can do the job and if it’s important to have a stop, then we’ll go for it.”

They said that three interchanges or underpasses are needed to keep traffic moving smoothly. This is what Dawn from the CDA’s Engineering Wing said.

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They said that one of these facilities will be built at the intersection of 10th Avenue and Srinagar Highway, and the other two will be built at the intersections of 11th and 12th streets.

In what they said, they said that this highway has been under a lot of traffic because it connects to the Motorway, the Grand Trunk Road, and the airport in Islamabad.

They say that after work on the Margalla Road Project is done, this road will be less crowded because drivers coming from G.T. Road will be able to use the Margalla Road near Sangjani to get into the city.

The Srinagar Highway starts at Kashmir Chowk (Kashmir Road) and ends near Tarnol.

This road is one of the busiest in the city because of all the new housing developments, schools, and hospitals that have been built along its length and in the area near Tarnol.

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