Work on city beautification project to start next month

Work on city beautification project to start next month

The District Administration of Rawalpindi has come up with a plan called “Beautiful City” to make the inner city areas of Rawalpindi look better.

According to the plan, Raja Bazaar, College Road, Fawara Chowk, Namak Mandi, Namak Mandi Road, and Sabzi Mandi Road will be modernized. Noorul Amin Mengal, the Rawalpindi Commissioner, has asked for the plan to start.

In the first phase, the area up to Liaquat Bagh Fountain Chowk will get new paint and varnish on all the buildings, as well as one-size signs, LED lights, flowering plants, and new plants. Italian-style pedestrian paths will also be built.

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In order to get rid of all the encroachments, a new force will be formed with help from the traffic police and people in charge of the Municipal Corporation.

He said that Rawalpindi will have a new and beautiful look in six months. People from the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry came to meet with us, as well as students from the National College of Arts, he said. He said that a complete survey of all central and inner city buildings, streets, and alleys has been done.

“Our goal is making the city clean, and we need the help of the people who live there.”

A lot of tourists and people who want to buy things come to Raja Bazaar in Rawalpindi to shop. He said it was the oldest bazaar there. Signs on all buildings will be changed, LED lights will be put in, and buildings will be painted on both sides of the street.

During the second phase, City Saddar Road, Rata Amral Road, Namak Mandi, Sarafa Bazaar, Mughal Sarai Road, and Bani Chowk will be upgraded. In phase three of the project, Commercial Market and Sadiqabad and Shamsabad will be upgraded as well. Local traders will help plan a strategy to stop encroachments. It will also be done at night to fight off encroachments later on, he said.

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