Sustainable Housing Ecosystems invests $50 million in housing

Sustainable Housing Ecosystems invests $50 million in housing

Islamabad: The Sustainable Housing Ecosystems (SHE), a partnership between Altair, AMC, and Trellis, said on Wednesday, December 7, that it will invest USD 50 million in Pakistan over the next three years.

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The money will be put into the real estate business so that middle-income families in the country can get homes at low prices. Jawad Aslam, the CEO of AMC, said at an event that the SHE venture has already put USD 50 million into the real estate and housing business and that this new investment will help the construction industry even more. He said that the goal of the investment is to bring together key players in the housing market so they can work together to make projects all over Pakistan that are good for the environment.


It was also emphasised that the country’s housing finance needs to go from 0.2% of GDP to 10% or more of GDP in order to fix the lack of housing. People at the event also said that, at the current rate, the housing problem can’t be solved and that more work and money will be needed. The people who took part also asked the government to help the housing industry deal with the problems.

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