A survey is being conducted to develop a land-use plan for KP

A survey is being conducted to develop a land-use plan for KP

A survey is being conducted to develop a land-use plan for KP. According to reports, the provincial cabinet approved the law last week, and it is scheduled to be presented for ratification next week in the local assembly. The information given includes the following:

  • At the provincial level, a Provincial Land Use and Building Control Authority will be established.
  • District-level committees on land use and planning and management and local planning and enforcement will be established.
  • A Provincial Land Use and Building Control Council, chaired by the chief minister, would be established. The council will adopt policies and procedures governing the authority’s operation.

The District Land Use and Management Committee’s responsibilities will include the following:

  • Monthly examination of No-objection Certificates (NOCs) given by the relevant agencies for land use and development permits
  • Reconstruction, demolition, or preventing a developer from constructing a development that violates planning approval are all examples of actions to rectify a violation.
  • Formulation of district or master plans for land use
  • Section 15 (2) of the law establishes the survey’s unplanned and existing planned regions.
  • According to Section 15 (3), the area will be classified as one or more of 131 land use classifications, including national parks, agriculture, commercial, residential, industrial, mixed land use, water bodies, unoccupied land, mining, and other land use kinds.

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The land-use plans that are produced will contain the following:

  • Description of district and tehsil boundaries, as well as topographical mapping of the area
  • Utilization of geographic information systems
  • Water, garbage disposal, and sewerage services are included.
  • Green and open spaces, as well as traffic patterns, are described and quantified.
  • Tourist and archaeological hotspots identification
  • Section 21 of the proposed bill deals with land use authorization. Without adequate land use approval, no individual or government agency may use the land for approved uses after the district land use plan or master plan is notified.
  • Section 22 provides that no land development, building construction, or road reconstruction may occur without the planning control officer’s temporary development approval in areas where the master plan or district land use has been notified.

Section 31 of the proposed bill empowers the authority to develop an urban design improvement proposal if the area’s design is deemed inadequate or the government instructs. The enhancement may include the following:

  • Plan the redevelopment.
  • Plan for land-use change
  • Ownership and development changes are required, and efforts are taken to ensure a smooth transition to planned development.
  • Plan for the renewal of the building stock

The land use inspectorate will be established under Section 43. The external body will monitor the level of execution of the act’s various sections.

According to the proposed bill, individuals who engage in land development activities without an approved land use or building conversion plan face fines of up to PKR 10 million and imprisonment of up to three years.

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