Abbasi advises the next government to abolish the NAB

Abbasi advises the next government to abolish the NAB

Abbasi advises the next government to abolish the NAB. Imran Khan’s former chief of staff, Javed Iqbal, now heads the National Accountability Bureau, which Shahid Khaqan Abbasi wants to get rid of. The new government should get rid of Iqbal because he was “totally under the control” of Khan.

Shehbaz Sharif took the oath of office as the country’s 23rd prime minister on Monday, a day after the PML-N leader made his comments. Imran Khan had been ousted by a joint opposition effort.

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During the PTI’s time in power, Abbasi told the government to stop NAB and hold its officials accountable for what they allegedly did to people. People in Imran’s cabinet used to tell the NAB chief to make up charges against the opposition, the head of the agency said.

Moonis Elahi’s arrest is “out of question,” says the NAB.

Is now going to go after Imran’s friends, he said, adding that the accountability watchdog hasn’t made a single complaint about Imran’s government. The truth about NAB will be out soon, he said.

Abbasi said that the government will go to court to ask that cameras be put in the accountability courts so that people can see the truth about NAB’s accountability drive.

People are protesting against Imran, and Abbasi said that the new government will finish its term, but Imran will keep going around the streets. He also said that the country had been ruined by the previous government.

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