Real Estate Market Size by Country

Real Estate Market Size by Country


The real estate market size depicts the real estate investment in the respective country. Moreover, real estate is the right business for all investors. Furthermore, real estate endeavour includes both residential and commercial investment and trade. And every country has different real estate dynamics according to the country’s conditions. However, one aspect that everyone would agree with is that real estate helps in generating many monetary benefits as any other business.

Moreover, even after the pandemic, the financial gains were maximum. Therefore, the industry is in all investor’s eyes. And not only in developed countries but also in developing countries also benefit from it. Furthermore, some of the famous housing schemes in Pakistan also increase the real estate market size, like the 1947 Housing, Kingdom Valley, and Blue World City.

Real Estate Market Size

The real estate market size depends on economic, social, and political factors. Moreover, the size of the real estate industry indicates the interest of investors in the surroundings. Furthermore, real estate is the most trusted and valuable investment option that encourages individuals to make long-term and beneficial investments. Most importantly, the developed countries are always at the top of the real estate investment chart. In contrast, the developing countries will soon make it to the top chart. And some countries, real estate market sizes are as follows:


Among the world, real estate investment chart china is at the first number. Moreover, China leads the residential real estate investment with $39.4 trillion. However, the commercial real estate value of the country is $3.3 trillion. And these stats indicate that the real estate investment here is the biggest and most famous business venture. Moreover, the vast real estate market size suggests that most investors are keen on investing in this business option.

United States of America

The second real estate market size investment in the united states of America is the real estate investment leading the majority of the area. Moreover, the real estate market is growing even in the post-pandemic world. Therefore, the acquisition seeks a significant rise that encourages the investors to make a long term and valuable investment option. And the total worth of the residential real estate is $34.1 trillion. And the commercial real estate investment is $8.0 trillion.


Japan’s third most prominent real estate investment as its market size is comparatively significant. Moreover, the net worth investment in the residential sector is $ 9.5 trillion—However, the commercial real estate investment is $2.8trillion. And the real estate market size is on the top real estate investment list.

United Kingdom

The next on the list of real estate market sizes is the United Kingdom, which is growing and speedily. Furthermore, even though the UK has seen the most significant restrictions on real estate investment. And the net worth of the residential real estate investment is $9.2 trillion. In contrast, the commercial real estate investment is about $1.6 trillion.

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Other Developed Countries

The other real estate countries making it to the top real estate list are India, Germany, France, and brazil. Itlay, Russia. Moreover, the real estate world is developing as demand for residential and commercial properties rises. Furthermore, these countries’ real estate net worth also contributes to the top real estate market size list.

India’s residential real estate investment is about $8.3 trillion, and the commercial investment is $0.4 trillion. Moreover, Germany’s residential real estate investment is $5.9 trillion, and the commercial real estate investment is $1.7 trillion. Furthermore, the residential investment in France is $4.7 trillion, and the retail real estate worth is $1.3 trillion. And the rest of the ratio is more or less equally divided in the remaining countries. The developed countries mostly dominate so the world real estate market size.


The real estate market size of Pakistan is also growing. Moreover, we can see that the various housing schemes are building in the country to offer a sustainable living standard to all the country’s citizens. And some of the notable residential projects are the Capital Smart City, Kingdom Valley and Rudn Enclave.


The real estate market size is becoming famous globally. Moreover, the world has seen a pandemic and real estate has even worked wonders. Furthermore, real estate is an old and trusted business venture worldwide. And as we have seen, the developed countries are in the top list of the market share. But moreover, the developing countries are no less they are also showing significant growth in the real estate sectors. And several housing schemes are developing in the country, like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Blue World City, and the Rudn Enclave. All these real estate developments in the country will bring higher monetary benefits. Lastly, visit the Estate Land Marketing official website to get more relevant updates.

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