Global Real Estate Market Statistics

Global Real Estate Market Statistics


The global real estate market has been booming for last past few years. Moreover, the real estate industry has become a most secured and profitable business and investment option. Furthermore, the impact is not only global, and in developing countries like Pakistan, several housing schemes are growing. And the popular residential projects are Blue World City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and Capital Smart City. Moreover, the real estate market is increasing in the world’s current situation. Furthermore, the post-pandemic world has changed all business dynamics in the world. Lastly, to know more about the global real estate market, continue reading.

Global Real Estate Market

The global real estate market has been here for centuries now. Therefore, the investors globally trust this business. But moreover, the real estate investment is not only a commercial investment or profits; it is also about fulfilling basic requirements. Furthermore, the home is a basic human need that is mandatory to strive for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. And housing societies like Rudn Enclave are here to offer this basic need to each individual.

Moreover, it comes under the government housing project. This blog will learn about the current real estate investment scenario globally. So, if you are interested, continue reading.

Global Real Estate Market Statistics

The global real estate market is developing at a fast pace. Therefore, the investors and developers are also interested in this business option. However, some of the prominent details are as follows:

Residential Real Estate Statistics

The residential value signifies the residential properties investment around the world. Moreover, China has the highest ratio of residential investment, with 21% of overall residential investment worth 3.94 Trillion USD. Furthermore, the USA comes next in the row with a total worth of 34.1 trillion USD. Moreover, the rest of the developed countries hold the majority of the residential real estate investment. Most importantly, developing countries like Pakistan also see a spike in residential real estate investment. Lastly, several housing societies are growing in the country to meet the residential requirement of the individuals.

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Commercial Real Estate Statistics

Commercial real estate also shares a significant part of the global market. Moreover, commercial real estate will help investors grow economically and financially. Furthermore, the United States has the most commercial real estate investment, with 8 trillion USD. And the other top commercial real estate investment is in the developed countries like China, Japan, the UK, Germany, Francs, Brazil, Russia, and Italy. And in developing countries, India shares some net worth among the commercial real estate investment. However, Pakistan will need some time to reach the top commercial investment countries. Lastly, several real estate projects in the country promote commercial investment options.

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What does the Global Real Estate Market Signify?

The global real estate market suggests that the investors globally always trust this kind of investment because it helps in yielding higher benefits. And for centuries, investors are finding this investment option trustworthy. Furthermore, after the pandemic, the real estate business has seen a boom. And the investors find this investment a profit-generating endeavour. Moreover, in developed to developing countries worldwide, the investors find this investment trustworthy. And in Pakistan, several housing societies are developing in collaboration with governmental housing projects like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad.


The global real estate market is developing at a fast pace. Moreover, investors around the globe are finding this investment a trustworthy and profitable business option. Furthermore, globally, developed countries hold most real estate market shares. And the developing countries are still trying hard to make the top real estate investment. Moreover, the global trends signify that the real estate investment will be tremendously growing in the future with huge margins. And as has been seen in the pandemic situation, this business option did not let down any investors. Lastly, several housing societies are developing to get in the top global real estate investment in developing countries like Pakistan. Lastly, visit the Estate Land Marketing Website to know the global real estate statistics.

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