Al Rehman Garden Lahore

Al Rehman Garden Lahore

Al Rehman Garden Lahore

Al Rehman Garden Lahore is a fast-growing housing society within the vicinity of Lahore. It comprises cutting edge technology and luxuriant living style to give you an exceptional experience of living. Al Rehman Gardens provides the best pricing so an average income group could also fulfil their dream of luxurious living. It is built to give in-demand facilities to the community with easy pricing plans. It is located on Ferozwala road near the Sheikhupura district. An ideal location for a real estate investor to invest in, which consists of 7 phases. Society is built at a leading site where tenants could enjoy a peaceful life distant from traffic noise. It is offering world-class amenities to provide an exceptional experience to its tenants. Cutting edge technology has been used to ensure the timely completion of the project. It is the best housing society to invest in and earn higher profits in the coming years. It is located on Sharaqpur road, Lahore. Many other housing societies are also located nearby, making it the best place to live.

It is an aesthetically and well-planned housing society where you can purchase your dream home. Prices are highly affordable, and payments could be made on a monthly instalment basis. This society offers everything which you dream of. Wide carpeted roads, beautiful parks, and a safe environment make it an ideal place to live.

Developers and Owners

An essential element in the case of a housing society is its developers. Al-Rehman developers are the owner and developers of this project.

About Developers

From an investing point of view, an investor needs assurance that his money will be in safe hands. Everybody wants to earn higher profits, and they need a guaranteed profit from the real estate investment. The goodwill of the developer company is very crucial for the reputation of the housing society. When a development company is renowned for its phenomenal work in the construction industry, the general public trusts the contract’s legitimacy. Building trust among investors is crucial for a prosperous housing society.

Al Rehman developers are well-known developers for their outstanding projects. They were constructed to provide high-class infrastructure and modern amenities to the community. As a result, they provide an excellence at a minimal cost.

Location Map

Whenever someone buys a piece of land, the foremost important thing is the nearby landmarks. Everyone wants a home in a peaceful location with all modern amenities. Easy access to educational institutes, hospitals, parks etc., is vital while choosing a house to live in. To serve all your needs, Al Rehman garden is the best housing society with an ideal location. It has easy access to many universities to cater for educational requirements. Modern well-structured hospitals are situated nearby, where world-class health facilities are provided to the customers. It is located on sharaqpur road near faizpur interchange, Lahore. It is 10 minutes away from Shahada and 15 minutes drive away from Assembly Hall. It is 1 minute away from National Highway and approximately 20 minutes go from Shahdara and Badami Bagh.

Al Rehman Garden Lahore location map

 Nearby residential societies

Many residential societies are located near Al Rehman Garden. These societies include

  • Omega Villas Lahore
  • Smart city Lahore
  • Al Noor orchard Lahore
  • Lahore Garden Housing scheme
  • Al Jalil Garden Housing Scheme
  • SAREMCO Pak Valley Housing Society

 Nearby Landmarks

Different housing societies near this project include Rachna Town, Al-Rahim town, Mehmood colony,imamia colony. Shahdara town, Barkat town and sikendarabad are also a few minutes away.

NOC Status

Legal requirements for the Al Rehman Garden have been met, and it is approved housing society from LDA.

Read more about NOC Status of:  Blue World City

Master Plan

The authorities have issued a well-planned master plan. It became so popular among the community due to its excellence and affordability for the average income group.

master plan of Al Rehman Garden Lahore

Developed phases of Al Rehman Gardens

  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase- 1
  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase- 2
  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase- 3
  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase- 4
  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase- 5
  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase- 6
  • Al-Rehman Garden Lahore Phase- 7

Al Rehman Garden Phase 1

It is a gated community that guarantees an opulent lifestyle for you and your family. Phase 1 of Al Rehman garden is situated near Ferozwala Rachna Town on main GT Road Lahore. Other nearby roads include Lahore ring road, Sialkot motorway, Lahore-sheikhupura-Faislabad Road etc. Kala khatie Narang Mandi and Lahore Bypass are also in close proximity.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 2

This society is offering well-planned infrastructure with the most affordable prices in the town. Phase 2 of this housing society is located on Main jaranwala Road Lahore. It is near Lahore Islamabad motorway M-2. Faizpur and Kot Noor shah are close to this phase.

It has blocks A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K and M.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 3

Al Rehman Gardens phase 3 has changed the dynamics of luxuriant lifestyle by using top-notch technology. It is one of the landmark achievements of Al Rehman Gardens. It is located on GT road Lahore. It is also few minutes drive away from the Lahore Ring Road. These noteworthy roads in the nearby vicinity of the society make it an ideal place to live.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 4 

Al Rehman Gardens pahse 4 is the most beautiful and peaceful location providing everything you dreamed of. Phase 4 of Al Rehman garden is located near Sozo Water Park, Canal Bank Road Lahore. It is situated on Canal Bank Road Lahore.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 5

It is a society built to provide an opulent lifestyle and fuel your passion for investment. It is the ideal place to live in for those who live every moment of life. Phase 5 is situated on Ah-1 Lahore Bypass Road. University of Engineering and Technology is a few minutes away from Kala Shah Kaku. This phase also has connectivity to the Lahore Islamabad Motorway.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 6 

Phase 6 of this housing society is near Ferozewala Rachna Town and Lahore Bypass. Kala khatie Narang Mandi Road is also located near phase 6. Other nearby roads include Lahore-sheikhupura –Faislabad Road and Lahore ring road.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 7

Al Rehman Gardens has always served the best of society. Keeping that tradition alive, it has also developed phase 7 to provide a luxurious lifestyle at a prime location but affordable prices. Phase 7 is a 10-minute drive away from Shahada. It is located within the centre of Al Noor orchard and Al Jalil Garden. Assembly Hall is a few minutes away. The bus station is also nearby. Society is 8 minutes drive away from the district court.

Society issues the residential plots pricing plan. Various size plots are available, including two marlas, three marlas, four marlas, five marlas, eight marlas and ten marlas. Investors could pay in cash or on a monthly instalment basis.

Area of Al Rehman Garden Lahore

Al Rehman has set aside a large area to build a society that provides luxury living at the most affordable prices. The total area on which this society is built is about 900 acres.


Every phase of this society has been divided into several blocks. The Al Rehman Gardens have issued the master plan for each phase and block.Phase 2 consists of several blocks which includes A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K and M.

Phase 7 of Al Rehman garden are divided into two blocks A and B.

Residential plot Prices

The payment plans of the residential plots are given below.

residential plot prices of Al Rehman Gardens Lahore

Commercial plot Prices

The payment plans of the commercial plots are as follows.


Zarai Farm Houses 

The Al Rehman garden have taken another critical step towards providing more class and economic opportunities. Zarai Farmhouses are available for possession for discerning clients.


Al Rehman garden are providing world-class amenities to its residents. It has ensured that the tenants should get the best lifestyle and environment to enjoy their life to the fullest. Following are few features of society.


Society has been developed to provide top class health facilities to the tenants. Hospitals are built with meeting international health standards. Professional doctors and nursing staff is there to serve you with the best.


Society has 24/7 security surveillance. Everybody needs a home where he feels secure. This society provides the best security measures, so you don’t worry about your family’s safety.


Along with all the worldly needs, the spiritual needs of a human also needs to be fulfilled. To uplift the spiritual level, society has built beautiful mosques. These mosques have the best interior and vast space where tenants could pray five times a day. Jamia Mosque is also made in the society for Jummah Prayer and Eid prayers.


Peace of Mind is essential for a human. Everyone should spend some time within the peaceful surroundings and enjoy the beauty of nature. Along with physical health, mental health is also essential. Society has built many parks comprise of beautiful gardens and birds. Jogging tracks are also part of these parks so you can exercise and take care of your health.

Square Mall

Al-Rehman developers took a milestone by building the Square Mall to provide a vibrant living to the residents. They are raising the ambitions of Lahore with their unique constructional abilities. The mall is thoughtfully designed to meet international standards and cater to all the needs of the visitors. It is a great place to experience luxury and class. It is also a fascinating place for tourists. It is built to provide you with leisure and joy.

Sui Gas

The developers are making sure that you get what you want. They have always taken steps to provide a better and comfortable lifestyle to the residents. They ensured that there shouldn’t be any gas shortage. They have installed the best system so there will be a constant supply of gas.

Carpeted Roads

There is a vast network of roads built within the society. They provide excellent connectivity to all the blocks within the community. Saving time and providing comfort is the primary purpose behind building carpeted roads network.

Gated community

It is a gated community providing you with a sense of safety and security. Well trained officials and army retired people are there to tackle any accident or mishap.

Filtration Plant

The supply of clean water is a significant factor while building a society. Al Rehman developers have made an extensive water filtration plant, so you get pure water. A filtration plant will serve a vast area.

Educational institutes

When someone searches for an ideal home, the foremost priority is the educational institutes in the nearby proximity. Therefore, fulfilling the educational needs of the residents’ children is the utmost priority of the Al Rehman developers.

Waste Management

Society has developed the best waste management system to ensure the cleanliness and healthy environment within the community. Your safety is our priority.

Shopping Malls

Society has built many small shopping malls to provide facilities to every tenant to enjoy and upscale living with all modern facilities.


To give you the best fitness facilities, a gymnasium has been built within the vicinity of the society. It has professional trainers to guide you about fitness plans and exercises which suits you best. Moreover, the gymnasium is fully equipped with modern tools and machinery.

Business centres

Society has built many business centres to cater for the commercial needs of the community. For financial markets, different banks and Atm’s will be installed within the society.


Society is providing the state of art infrastructure to provide a luxurious experience and world-class facilities.

Play areas for children

Small play areas are built where children can play within a safe and secure environment. In addition, different recreational areas are built so you can enjoy every moment and to its fullest.

Development Status

Al Rehman developers are using modern tools to complete the developmental process as soon as possible. Work is going on at an incredible speed in all phases of society.


  • Security Surveillance

Society is protected by 24/7 security surveillance so you can enjoy your dream life peacefully.

  • Prime location

Different phases of society are located at prime locations of Lahore. The community is close to Islamabad –Lahore motorway. It is few minutes drive away from Shahdara.

  • Worthy places nearby

Educational and financial institutions are nearby. Hospitals are also near so your family could get the best health facilities.

  • Kid’s play area

Society has spared a massive area for recreational and enjoyment purposes. Play areas are built in every block so that your child could enjoy and play within a safe environment.

  • Jogging tracks

Wide jogging tracks are built in the parks so that you can enjoy and relax.

Pros and Cons


The pros or advantages of this society are given below.

  • Water plant

A water treatment plant is built to ensure the 24/7 supply of water within the whole society.

  • Power plant

Society’s power plant is built to ensure the smooth and continuous supply of electricity.

  • Gas supply

Society is providing a 24/7 gas supply so that tenants could spend tension free life here.

  • Schools

Society has built many educational institutions to facilitate the children of tenants.

  • Recreational Areas

Recreational areas and parks are also part of this project so you can enjoy your leisure time with your family.

  • Grocery and shopping centres

Several grocery and shopping centres are made to provide first-class amenities.

  • Peaceful environment

Society has the best secure and peaceful environment. You can enjoy your dream life here.

  • Gated community 

It is a gated community with security gates, so you get free from the tension of your family’s safety.

  • Ideal location

The society is built at an ideal location, and it has easy access to all nearby communities and institutes.

  • Wide carpeted Roads   

A network of paved and wide carpeted roads are built within the society.

  • Drainage system

Society has the best drainage system to ensure the cleanliness and healthy environment within its proximity.

  • Green society

Al Rehman gardens also has a green society embracing the beauty of nature and providing striking sceneries.

  • Banks and Atm’s

Different banks and ATMs are part of the master plan of the society to satisfy the financial needs of the clients.


The cons or disadvantages of this society are given below.

  • Scattered phases

This society comprises 7 phases that are scattered.

  • Average income 

Plots might be expensive for few income groups.

Why invest in Al Rehman Garden Lahore ?

The developers of Al Rehman Gardens project have a renowned name in the field of real estate. They have earned the trust of the community. Some significant factors why you should invest in this society are given below.

Distinct high-class infrastructure development

Well planned infrastructure of this society makes it an ideal place for investment. Moreover, it is providing world-class amenities with top-notch technology.

Prime locations in Lahore

Another vital factor due to which you should invest in this society is its prime location. All phases in this society are built in the prime areas of Lahore.

No legal problems

Al Rehman Gardens is approved by the LDA and has no legal issues. Your investment and home will be saved, so it should be your prior society to invest.

Pro Tips

 we care about your comfort and ease so follow our pro tips.

property visit

Before purchasing any property, always visit the property first and then finalize the deal. Then, carefully analyze all the aspects, including the development status and location of the property.

Financial Security

Check your balances and make sure that you are in good financial condition and able to pay the instalments on time.


Al Rehman Garden is a fast developing society with various developed phases. It is providing your dream home at the most reasonable prices. The project is located at the prime locations of Lahore. Noteworthy places and institutes are in close proximity. It caters to all your needs, whether recreational or educational. So invest in this society and turn your dream into reality.


Q1: What is Al Rehman Garden?

Ans: It is a housing society located in Lahore with world-class amenities and a luxuriant lifestyle at affordable pricing.

Q2: Al Rehman Garden comprise of how many phases?

Ans: It has 7 phases. Some phases are completed while others are in developmental processes.

Q3: What is the NOC status of the project?

Ans: Society is approved by LDA, and all the legal formalities have been met.

Q4: Which kind of plots are available in this housing society?

Ans: Residential and commercial plots are available for booking.

Q5: which sizes plot are available?

Ans: Plots of 2,3,4,5,8,and 10 marlas are available.

Q6: Has the development process started?

Ans: Yes, the development process has been started and is in full swing.

Q7: Will essential utilities be provided by society?

Society is providing world-class facilities to its residents. A water filtration system, Sui gas and power plant have been built.

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