All systems are in place to begin work on the new sector of Capital

All systems are in place to begin work on the new sector of Capital

All systems are in place to begin work on the capital’s new sector. A group called the Capital Development Authority (CDA) said that work was being done in the E-12/4 area.

The spokesman for the CDA said that the authority had opened bids to start civil work in the area as soon as possible.

The lowest bid came from one of five contractors who took part in the bidding process, he said. The federal apex agency got a bid of Rs289.805 million.

Drainage system, water supply, sewerage network, connecting roads, street lights, and other development work were all part of the project. It has been a long time since the development work in these parts of Islamabad was put on hold for a variety of reasons, but now the authority has moved things along.

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It also approved plans for commercial buildings in Islamabad to be built in a meeting of the design committee recently. The building plan for D-Markaz of Gulberg Residencia, which is in Zone Five of Islamabad, has been approved. Plots 39 and 40 are in this area. Similarly, a building plan for a plot of land in Sector A of the Zaraj House Scheme in Zone Five was also given the go-ahead.

There were a lot of checks done on plots 20, 27, and 29 in the Gulberg Green Business Park in Islamabad’s Zone Four. The building plan was also OKed.

All mechanisms are in place for the new sector of Capital to commence operations.

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