Best real estate crowdfunding websites for Investors

Best real estate crowdfunding websites for Investors

Best real estate crowdfunding websites help investors to diversify their financial portfolio. Moreover, it is quite evident that real estate is one of the biggest and most lucrative industries around the world. Therefore, the number of tactics and strategies is infinite. Whether it is the value-added real estate strategy, core plus real estate returns, crowdfunding, or anything else, the investors have a coliseum of ways.

Before going ahead, it is important to understand the difference between general crowdfunding and specific real estate crowdfunding. The following blog will thoroughly talk about the difference, what it entails and all the acknowledged and recognizable real estate crowdfunding websites in detail. A perfect amalgamation of all the needed details. So, keep reading.

General vs. Real Estate Crowdfunding

The phenomenon of crowdfunding is quite old and does have massive importance overall. Moreover, if we talk about the difference between general crowdfunding and real estate one, it is pertinent to mention that there is not much. Just normal crowdfunding, in this too – individuals come together and raise capital for a specific investment.

Furthermore, many individuals collect and pool together a set of money and invest in the project. So, the onus of finances is not on all the people.

General Investment

What differentiates a general investment from that of crowdfunding is that an individual will have to spend all the money singlehandedly to buy a property, furnish it, and maintain it while in real estate crowdfunding, it is the opposite.  Without worrying about the size and scale of the investment, individuals can pool any small amount and be a part of a real estate investment.

Crowdfunding Investment Types

There are many but the major two are;

  • Equity Real Estate
  • Debt Real Estate

Real Estate Crowdfunding Websites

There are many tricks to get through the real estate market including core real estate funds, passive investment ideas, crowdfunding, and more. But firstly, here are some of the known and recognizable real estate crowdfunding websites;


One of the most hugely popular websites that help in crowdfunded real estate investment is none other than Crowdstreet. It gives opportunities to make one of the most careful, secure, and seamless investment possibilities out there. In addition, crowd street also gives an option for healthy chatter between individuals. Not to forget that only accredited investors can invest and make contributions.


Another known and incredible real estate crowdfunding website is Reality Mogul. The website helps in making secure and seamless investments with partners who are authentic clear and sound record. In addition, the properties the reality mogul chooses are either well-leased or existing leases. So, the onus is less in the future.

Also, the proven and clean record does help the entire crowdfunding to jump into an apt and reliable investment source. Not to forget that the monthly auto-investing in REITs is just $250.


Talking about other reliable and impeccable websites, Yieldstreet also stands out perfectly.  It deals with properties that have high-income generating sources. So, the investment is highly lucrative. Moreover, being an exceedingly apt Real Estate Crowdfunding website, Yieldstreet provides income-generating options that are backed by collateral, low stock market correlation, and multiple asset classes. It sure is offering one of the best real estate investment strategies.

Moreover, Yieldstreet has been around since 2015 and has been able to provide at least $600 back to its investors in such a short span of time.


Acretrader is again a massively successful example of a real estate crowdfunding website that is authentic, experienced, and most importantly reliable. The only lag is that the website has a limited number of new offerings available.

In addition, what sets Acre Trader as a real estate website apart from others is that it does not deal in the residential and commercial sectors but rather farmland. So, the investor can buy money either through annual rent payments or when the same farmland property is up for selling.


The equity multiple websites are exceedingly helpful and impeccable for those investors who intend to invest in commercial real estate only. In addition, it will also offer equity which is completely preferred along with senior debt investments.

Talking about the disadvantages, equity multiple is only for accredited investors and in case of any uncertain situation, the redemption possibilities are limited.  But the platform in general is exceedingly easy and seamless to use.


Real estate crowdfunding websites that are highly and incredibly reliable for investors are in this article. All the possible options are up for the discourse. In addition, it is advisable to get the needed information before delving further to do crowdfunding or investing. Also, it is known that property crowdfunding is tricky and needs an influx of knowledge and market knowledge to get through. So, be conscious and aware. In all scenarios and situations, Estate Land Marketing is always available.

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