What are Blue World City Waterfront Complete Details

What are Blue Word City Waterfront Complete Details

The Blue World City Waterfront block counts among the best property choices that the society has to offer. Moreover, investment becomes even more significant and long-term when the amenities the society provides are secure and futuristic. It includes all the facets; from location, easy payment plan, splendid master plan, basic and advanced facilities providence to a lot more. Therefore, Blue World City Islamabad has it all and beyond. The Waterfront district of BWC is a giant proof of an innovative, modern, perfect investment. Just like other blocks including the Blue World City serene villas and more. It is so because the block is laced with amenities that are not only the need of the time but a reliable approach for the future.

In addition, the Blue World City Waterfront block is grabbing all the deserving attention from the potential investors and general masses, partially because of the massive trust factor. The developers, Blue Group of Companies, have been around in the real estate industry for over 2 decades. It does translate into all their housing ventures, services, and sub-companies. Therefore, the expectation and assurance level with BWC too is skyrocketing.

Blue World City Waterfront

The waterfront district adds even more diversity and range to the entire planning of society. Moreover, investors are at a better edge to choose their favorite property type and invest. Real estate investors often wonder what makes a particular investment one-of-its-kind and unique. Blue World waterfront block possesses all of them. The sheer excellence in the infrastructure, planning, and eventually its execution makes it the most affordable and feasible.

Residents will be investing in the most splendid scenery and terrain. Moreover, the visuals inside the block and its surroundings are a pure treat to the eye. Furthermore, BGC developers always aim for a lifestyle that uplifts the living standard in terms of infrastructure and scenery and makes it affordable. In addition, the infrastructure’s expansion and diversification and choosing the most dreamy/commercial property venues also come with it.

Waterfront Location

We will tap into some of the most immaculate and splendid features and points that make the Blue World City Waterfront district map – a complete investment opportunity. First and foremost, the location of any property is of immense importance. In addition, not only does it measure the number of facilities that the resident/investor will be surrounded by but gives them a sense of future security. Therefore, the Blue World City waterfront map is among the top investment reasons.

The primary Blue World City waterfront location is at Sunset Avenue, which is easily accessible from all parts of the society and its surrounding areas. In addition, Blue World City resides on Main Chakri Road and is easily reachable from all the key points of the twin cities.

Access Points

To access the location, one can opt for these incredible venues;

  • Just 5 min away from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Only 10 mins from CEPEC Rout
  • 5 min from Lahore – Islamabad Airport
  • Just 20 minutes from New Islamabad International Airport

Moreover, a dreamy and ideal location like Blue World City Waterfront location lessens the hustle of the residents. Therefore, traveling around the twin city and getting facilitated from all the basic and advanced services is way easier.

Affordable Payment Plan

Blue World City Waterfront payment plan is affordable, economical, and, most importantly, easy for all social classes. Moreover, a luxury and comfort that comes under the financial radar of everyone. Here’s the offered payment plan;

  • 6 Marla price is only 1,750,000, and 175,000 is the down payment. The monthly installment, however, is 17,500.
  • 12 Marla price is 3,150,000, along with just 31,500 as the monthly installments.
  • 18 Marla total price is 4,200,000, and 42,000 for the monthly installment.


The offered commercial plots in the block are 5 Marla at the moment;

  • The total cost for 5 Marla is just 8,000,000. The down payment is just 800,000, along with 80,000 as the monthly installment.

BWC Waterfront Unique Attributes

From water theme restaurants, water sports clubs, and dancing fountains to much more, the investment brings pleasant news to the investors. Moreover, all these fantastic and incredible visionary scenery spots on the waterfront hold massive importance because the Blue Group of Companies is immaculate, upfront, and synonymous with perfection.

  • Gated Community
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Dancing Fountain
  • Solid Security
  • Floating Restaurants
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Clean Environment

All these and much more. Furthermore, a venture for a perfect and most suitable investment. Blue Group of Companies serves a whole gamut of other services, e.g., Blue World City Waterfront Online Verification and more.

Documents Required for Booking

The documents required to book your plot in Blue World City Waterfront District block;

  • Investor’s 2 Passport size photographs
  • For overseas investors – NICOP
  • 2 photocopies of CNIC
  • 2 more copies of the ID Card (Next to Kin)


Investing in Blue World City only creates a pleasant and secure future for investors. Therefore, it is high time to make a wise decision by investing right now, as the hype is skyrocketing and will likely increase in the coming future. In addition, for any inconvenience, mishap or assistance, the ever-reliable and experienced Estate Land Marketing is available for your services.

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