Budget 2023-24: Islamabad to get PKR 2.2bn for development projects

Budget 2023-24: Islamabad to get PKR 2.2bn for development projects

Islamabad: In budget 2023-24, the federal government has earmarked PKR 2.2 billion for the ongoing Islamabad Development Package to improve rural areas, according to a June 10 news source.

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The Islamabad Development Package received PKR 2.2 billion for rural union council development, according to the news source. Sanitation, road, pavement, road rehabilitation, and water supply projects are proposed. The project will cost PKR 9.4 billion, with PKR 4,856 million spent by June 30.

In addition to this development package, the government and Capital Development Authority (CDA) would launch PKR 10 billion rural development projects in Islamabad. The initial phase, worth PKR 2.5 billion, is ongoing, and tenders have been opened for the allocated works.

The Rawal Lake Water Treatment Project is another major 2023-24 budget item. The Korang River and Rawal Lake Water Treatment Plant would cost PKR 6 billion. To prevent contaminated water from entering Rawal Dam, the CDA will establish three sewage treatment plants in the catchment area. Lower Shahdara, Bari Imam, and Banigala will host these plants. 14 months should finish the project.

The federal government also budgeted PKR 29 million to research additional Metro Bus routes from Bhara Kahu to Faizabad and Faizabad to Rawat. Metro buses run from Bhara Kahu to Pims and Koral to Pims under temporary arrangements in normal traffic. However, the government plans to build specialised metro bus routes with separate corridors.

According to the news source, the feasibility research project costs PKR 278 million and the CDA receives PKR 29 million. After the feasibility study, the CDA will build metro bus corridors like the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Service.

10th Avenue and Sihala overpass projects received a small amount from the Public Sector Development Program (PDSP). The 10th Avenue project, which costs PKR 12 billion, received PKR 400 million, while the Sihala flyover project, which costs PKR 9.5 billion, received PKR 405 million.

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