Capital Enclave Islamabad

Capital Enclave Islamabad

Capital Enclave Islamabad

Capital enclave islamabad is the peaceful and beautiful housing society in Islamabad. Moreover, in 2016, the Services Cooperative Housing Societies (SCHS) launched this real estate project. The idea of building this housing project is to provide homes to all the citizens of Pakistan, especially to the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The developers and builders of this project are Services Cooperative Housing Societies. Lastly, this housing scheme offers a valuable investment in a serene environment.

Owners & Developers

As mentioned above, the owner and developer of this real estate project are the Services Cooperative Housing Societies (SCHS). Moreover, the owners have a history of working for more than 80 years. And they are known as the top construction companies in Pakistan.  They help facilitate the investors and residents to buy homes at fordable prices. Lastly, the best part is that they collaborate with the government to help fund and develop housing projects.

NOC Status

No Objection Certificate (Noc) is vital before investing in any housing society. Similarly, Capital Enclave is here to facilitate its investors due to its approved status. Moreover, this housing society is legal and comes under the jurisdiction of the Capital Development Authority (CDA). All legal development projects in Islamabad and Adjacent areas come under the Capital Development Authority.

Location & Map

Location is another feature that all investors look for before investing. Moreover, to help investors worldwide and Pakistan, the capital enclave has a beautiful location and serene environment. The project mainly facilitates the investors from the twin cities. The total area that Capital Enclave has acquired is 2000 Kanals. Furthermore, the other feature that fascinates all the investors is that this housing society directly reaches Blue Area Islamabad.

Capital Enclave Islamabad location map


The society is located in zone 5 of Islamabad and linked to Islamabad Express. Other adjacent areas are Federation employees cooperative housing society, Bahria town, Media Town, Soan Gardens, and doctor town. All these are the developed housing societies present in the surroundings of twin cities.

Capital Enclave Payment Plans

The payment plan is here to facilitate the investors and future residents. As we all know, Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital globally. So, investment here will be a valuable asset. The payment plan depends upon the sizes and location of the plots available here. Moreover, like kingdom valley Islamabad the payments plans of this luxuries housing society is affordable.

The payment plan of properties available here will range from the PKR 35 Lakhs to 1.65 crores. Furthermore, The payment plan will be open with different installment package for further details, and you will have to visit the kingdom valley Islamabad official website for other latest updates. Moreover, it is critical to consult a professional property expert or dealer to get the latest development details.

Overseas Block Prices

Capital Enclave overseas block payment plan

General Block Prices

Capital Enclave general block payment plan

Master Plan

The master plan of the capital city has it all from comfort to luxury. The project gets ready under the supervision of professionals and experts. As mentioned before, the location is the primary factor and beauty of this project. Therefore the infrastructure is here to enhance the beauty of the site.

Capital Enclave Islamabad master plan

Commercial plots

Commercial plots are a vital aspect of every society. And to help the investors and future residents grow, the capital enclave has 4 and 6 marlas plots available for the investors. Moreover, the plot payments range from PKR 35 Lakhs to 2.15 crore. These plots have a high price because of the locality and facilities it has to offer.

Residential plots

The residential plots range from 5 marlas to 1 Kanal of plot sizes. Moreover, there are different amenities and privileges that all investors and future residents will benefit from investing in here—the price range from 1.4 crores to 1.65 crores. Lastly, investing in the residential plots will become a valuable asset in the future because it is present in Islamabad, and all project comes under Capital Development Authority (CDA).

5  Marlas Residential Plot

The five marla plot provides amenities to the investors at an affordable amount. Moreover, the plot size is the best investment for investors looking to flip the properties. The payment plan of 5 marla plots starts at PKR 19.5 lakhs.

6 Marlas Residential Plot

The other option available is the six marla plot. These plots also provide amenities and facilities to future residents and investors. Lastly, the payment of 6 marla plots is PKR 68 Lakhs.

7 Marlas Residential plot

Another plot size available at the capital enclave is the seven marlas properties. Moreover, this plot size is in the eyes of all investors. As we all know, investing in the Islamabad housing projects is always valuable. As time flies, the worth of the plots will also increase. Lastly, the price of this plot size is PKR 55 to 75 Lakhs.

8 and 10 Marlas Plots

These are the most versatile sizes of the plots. They can use as a rental or flappable property. Moreover, these are plot sizes where prices usually see a monetary spike. Another good feature is that all the plots have the best features and amenities. Lastly, the price range of these plots is PKR 59 to 74 Lakhs.

1 Kanal Plots

These plots are again feasible options available at the capital Enclave Islamabad. Moreover, these plots are at a central location in this housing society. The utilization will be the construction of the home here. Furthermore, in Islamabad, 1 Kanal plot at this price will be a valuable asset for all the residents and investors.

Development Status 

The development pace is going on smoothly. Moreover, this housing society is developing, and the construction is going on the residential and commercial plots. As we know, the owners and developers of the housing society are famous for their development projects. So, it is not false to say that this real estate project will be a valuable asset soon. Lastly, the development will increase the prices and worth of the investment in the capital enclave.


The features of the capital enclave are the most appealing part of this housing society. There are numerous facilities this real estate project has to offer. Some of the features are as follows

  • High-class Education facilities
  • Health care Facilities
  • Availability of basic needs like electricity, gas, and water
  • Shopping malls and groceries
  • Golf club and gymnasium
  • Parks and kids play area
  • Grid station
  • Solid waste management system
  • Wide roads and fresh green sidewalks


Like a variety of features, the capital enclave has a lot of facilities that all investors look for before making any investment. Some of the amenities are as follows:

Education Centers and Healthcare Facilities

Education and healthcare are the two most essential facilities that all future residents and investors look for before investing. Moreover, this society is here to facilitate the investors with 24/7 health units and provide the international level education system. All these amenities are a must for any community to have high-class life standards.

Shopping Mall and Car Parking Areas

The other feature that all future residents are the provision of shopping malls and developed parking areas. Moreover, there will be different brands suitable according to the needs of the residents. Lastly, parking areas are also available for all the investors and future residents.

Waste Management System

One of the eco-friendly housing societies in the premise of Islamabad is the capital enclave. Moreover, this step will bring a pollution-free environment. The waste will discard in the selected range to promote a healthy way of living.

Basic Facilities

The availability of 24/7 necessities is the appealing aspect of this real estate project. Furthermore, there will be the provision of electricity, gas, and water. All these facilities are mandatory to strive for a comfortable yet luxurious lifestyle.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like every housing society, there are different advantages and disadvantages to living there. Here are some of them.


  • There will be all necessities present to live.
  • A beautiful and serene environment.
  • Provision of business hub opportunities, like the provision of commercial plots.
  • Only housing society to have direct accessibility to Blue Area Islamabad.
  • Lawn, gardens, zoo, and children theme parks to have recreational activities.


  • Because of the high-end infrastructure and a grandmaster plan, the development process of this housing society is slow.
  • Some of the plots are out of budget because of their prime location and closeness to Islamabad.

Why Invest in Capital Enclave?

There are many reasons to invest in this housing society. Moreover, the high-quality lifestyle with all the amenities is present here. The main feature of this housing society is its location. This society is close to Islamabad and other famous housing societies like Bahria Town and Pakistan Town. And, the investment here is worth it as it will boom the investment amount within a few years. Lastly, if you are interested in investment for a peaceful housing society with a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, then capital enclave has it all.


As mentioned above, the capital enclave has it all for its investors from comfort and luxuries. Moreover, this real estate project is in a prime location, close to Islamabad’s blue area. Another best feature is that no other housing society offers the amenities at the payment plan of a capital enclave.  Furthermore, there will be a provision of various privileges here, which you will see above. Lastly, investing in this housing society is worthy and valuable. So without wasting time, book your plot by contacting Estate Land Marketing.


Q1. What is capital enclave?

It is a housing society in Islamabad.

Q2. Where is the capital enclave?

It is in zone 5 of Islamabad.

Q3. What is the Noc status of this housing project?

This real estate project is legal and has the approval of CDA.

Q4. Is there an availability of an installment plan?

Yes, the housing society offers an installment plan for its investors.

Q5. How can I buy the property here?

You can find all the relevant information from the estate land marketing office. Secondly, you can also visit their official website to get all the information.

Q6. Is there availability of 1 Kanal plot?

Yes, the capital enclave offers 1 Kanal plot at affordable prices.

Q7. Is the payment plan is affordable?

Capital enclave is available at affordable prices according to its central location and amenities.

Q8. What is the development pace of society?

The central theme is to provide high-end infrastructure and amenities to its investment. Therefore, the development process is a bit slower but worth it.

Q9. Are there any business opportunities available?

Yes, commercial plots will allow investors and future residents business opportunities.

Q10. Why is it different from other real estate projects?

Its prime location and access to the blue area, Islamabad.

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