CBD conducts a public hearing for the Walton Road

CBD conducts a public hearing for the Walton Road

According to a report published on July 20, Lahore’s Central Business District (CBD) Punjab conducted a public hearing to discuss the Walton Road project’s environmental aspects and obtain environmental approval.

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The Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA) convened the public hearing in an effort to promote transparency and collect valuable input from interested parties. At the public hearing, representatives from the CBD Punjab Technical Directorate were present. Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Walton Cantonment Board (WCB), Walton Road residents, and community representatives.

During the session, the CDB Punjab technical staff provided a comprehensive overview of the Walton Road project. They emphasized that the primary purpose of this initiative is to address the longstanding sewage and drainage issues in the vicinity of Walton Road. To accomplish this, CBD Punjab intends to implement a distinct sewage system, diverting waste away from ADA Nullah. In addition, the authority plans to construct a dedicated sewer line from Walton Road to Hadyara Drain. Consequently, ADA Nullah will be z exclusively for runoff management.

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