CDA approves ‘world’s largest aviary’ in Islamabad’s F-9 Park

CDA approves ‘world’s largest aviary’ in Islamabad’s F-9 Park

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) of ISLAMABAD has approved the construction of the world’s largest aviary in Islamabad’s F-9 Park, which would cover at least 10 acres.

The decision was made Tuesday during a meeting of the CDA board presided over by the organization’s chairman, Noorul Amin Mengal.

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According to the CDA, the aviary would be constructed on 10 acres, and a private company has been tasked with designing, constructing, operating, and transferring (DBOT) this facility.

According to the proposal documents, the primary objective was to establish an aviary in F-9 Park that would serve as a “sanctuary for various bird species, contribute to biodiversity conservation, and create an engaging learning experience” for visitors.

A municipal agency approves the auction of 20 properties on Capital Street.

It was also stated that the aviary would serve as a space dedicated to the preservation and conservation of species.

A member of the council stated that the CDA decided to establish the aviary through an open auction and using the DBOT model.

He stated that the board had instructed the planning division to modify the F-9 Park master plan.

“This aviary will be the largest facility in the world,” alleged Syed Sayed Shah, a spokesman for the CDA.

In the meantime, the board also approved the auction of twenty food outlet sites on Capital Street, which would be constructed in the Art and Craft Village near the 7th Avenue interchange.

The CDA allocated 50 parcels for the project, but the board authorized the auction of only 20 parcels in the first phase. Soon, an open auction would be conducted for these twenty parcels.

The CDA board also approved “revised layout plans” for F-13, D-13, and E-13, three new residential sectors.

The LOPs have been revitalized based on topographic surveys. “After resolving pending compensation cases of local landowners (whose land was acquired by CDA and who are eligible to receive compensation from CDA in cash and developed plots),” a town planner said, “the civic agency will proceed with development work in these sectors.”

It would take two years to conclude the development work, he said, adding that the CDA could earn over Rs100 billion from the sale of commercial and residential plots in these sectors.

The board was informed that these sectors contain more than 13,000 plots of varying proportions. The board approved revised LOPs in principle and recommended plan enhancements.

More than a decade ago, the CDA acquired these sectors through the land-sharing formula. According to this agreement, local proprietors will receive one kanal of developed land in exchange for four kanals.

In the meantime, the CDA board of directors also authorized the budget for fiscal year 2023-24. The board approved an expenditure of Rs150.94 billion for the municipal organization.

According to the budget document, the municipal agency’s total expenditures will be Rs150 billion and Rs90 million, with a surplus of Rs850 million.

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