CDA Chairman and Ethiopian Ambassador Jemal Beker Discusses City-to-City Cooperation

CDA Chairman and Ethiopian Ambassador Jemal Beker Discusses City-to-City Cooperation

Islamabad: Tuesday marked the beginning of a dialogue between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan & the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) regarding the potential for a city-to-city alliance to improve climate-resilient urban planning & maintainable governance in the global south.

A meeting was held between H.E. Jemal Beker Abdula and Captain (ret) Anwarul Haq, Chairman CDA & Chief Commissioner Islamabad, during which the collaboration was discussed.

Aspects of mutual interest were deliberated upon by both parties, encompassing the exchange of knowledge between the administrators of the capital cities of the respective countries—Addis Ababa and Islamabad.

H.E. Ambassador Jemal Beker Abdula briefed the chairman of the CDA on the international acclaim that the Green Legacy Initiative of H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of FDR Ethiopia, had received.

He says over 32 billion seedlings of various fruits, trees, and animal fodder have been planted in Ethiopia over the past four years. He continued, “Our administration’s objective is to have over 50 billion plants sowed by the end of 2025.”

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Additionally, the ambassador expressed gratitude for the CDA’s efforts to enhance the capital city of Islamabad.

“The CDA’s efforts to maintain a pristine and verdant environment in Islamabad are remarkable, and we eagerly anticipate a fruitful partnership between the Addis Ababa and Islamabad governments.”

Captain (ret) Anwarul Haq, chairman of the CDA, concurred with the proposition and stated that the reciprocal transfer of expertise and understanding would ultimately foster sustainable development and governance in the global south.

He also stated that the Islamabad administration was exerting every effort to ensure that the meticulously planned city of Pakistan had a clean and verdant environment.

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