Halted Governmental Housing Projects Negatively Impact the Plot Owners

Halted Governmental Housing Projects Negatively Impact the Plot Owners

Islamabad: The acquisition of residential properties by a considerable proportion of government employees is beset by protracted delays, attributable to the substantial setbacks encountered by the Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation (PHAF) and the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) in their housing initiatives.

In September of this year, the interim prime minister established a steering committee of seven secretaries to respond to the persistent delays with the housing schemes. Nonetheless, the problem persists.

Initiated in 2009, Bhara Kahu, the FGEHA housing project ‘Green Enclave-I’ has left many federal government employees and journalists uncertain. Commencing on a “first come, first served” basis, the undertaking consists of 3,282 parcels. Numerous retirees have died without having the opportunity to fulfill their ambition of owning an allotment.

Conversely, the Sky Garden Housing Scheme, formerly known as ‘Green Enclave-II,’ is encountering similar delays, much to the dismay of the 29,427 registered government employees awaiting possession.

An official acknowledges setbacks and states that contractors’ adherence to deadlines is being monitored.

Muhammad Afzal Awan, an officially registered FGEHA member, conveyed his discontent by stating, “Since 2011, I have been anticipating the allocation of my plot. The housing initiatives implemented by the FGEHA are experiencing financial difficulties, and it appears that the governing body is gaining personal gain while neglecting to deliver assured lodging.

F-14/15, an additional housing initiative of the FGEHA that was authorized in 2015 and targeted enrolled senior-level government employees, has encountered a comparable predicament. Limited progress has been achieved on the 6,746 plots comprising the undertaking.

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The commencement of the Park Road Housing Scheme in the villages of Tamma and Morian in 2015, in response to a Supreme Court order comprising 4,781 plots, has encountered similar setbacks.

Furthermore, the housing initiatives of the Capital Development Authority, specifically in Sector I-12, have encountered significant setbacks. Over three decades have passed since most allottees, lower middle-class members, were granted access to their holdings.

Sector I-12 allottee Khumar Gul lamented, “Many allottees have perished while awaiting the realization of their personal housing aspirations.” “They desired to reside independently, but their aspiration remained dormant until their demise.”

Another allotee from Sector I-12, Tahir Mahmood, compared these housing projects and private sector schemes, which “effectively grant plot owners possession within a couple of years.” Additionally, he stated, “…since the employees have already spent their hard-earned cash on the FGEHA and CDA projects, they are unable to investigate employment opportunities in private housing societies.”

“The management and transparency of these critical housing projects are called into question due to the complete distinction between confidential and administration housing ventures,” he stated.

Director Admin of the FGEHA, Faiz Umer Sial, confirmed to Dawn that the stalled nature of the authority’s various projects in the past was accurate. However, the current Director General, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, has duly noted the project delays, and all relevant parties have been instructed to accelerate the development process. “He has been setting 10- to 15-day objectives for the contractors to prevent any potential missed deadlines,” he explained.

Regarding inquiries regarding project delays resulting from contractor non-payment, Mr. Umer refuted the notion that development activities were proceeding rapidly. “In actuality, complications arose between the contractor and the organization that had formed a joint venture with the governing body. “However, due to the resolution of complications and the involvement of new parties, development work has resumed,” he explained.

“Progress on Green Enclave-II is proceeding at an accelerated rate. “Concerning Phase-I, 814 plots have been identified for which possession may be transferred to the allottees; however, a definitive determination has not been reached at this time,” the official further stated.

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