CDA Chairman orders facilitation center to improve service

CDA Chairman orders facilitation center to improve service

Islamabad: According to news reports, Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal on Wednesday gave directives regarding the Citizens Facilitation Center’s service delivery.

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The authority chairman addressed a number of issues that people have when transferring their assets during his visit to the Citizens Facilitation Center. Additionally, he mandated the creation of special counters for senior citizens and Pakistanis living abroad.

In Sector G-7, next to Blue Area, the CDA has erected a Citizens Facilitation Center. Mr. Mengal also disclosed that he intends to open a tiny office at the center for himself, where he will be present once a week to allay the worries of the general public. No carelessness would be accepted in the handling of the public’s issues, the CDA chief issued a warning.

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