The CDA would enlarge Srinagar Highway and Jinnah Avenue

The CDA would enlarge Srinagar Highway and Jinnah Avenue

News sources said that on Monday, February 13, the Capital Development Authority Development Working Group (CDA-DWP) decided to start expanding Srinagar Highway and Jinnah Avenue to make traffic flow better.

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During the meeting, it was decided to hire consultants to make a feasibility report and design for the expansion of the Srinagar Highway from the 7th Avenue Interchange to Serena Chowk. This was one of the projects that was approved. The project will cost PKR 8.5 million and should be done in two months. It will include an underpass to help with traffic and bike lanes on both sides of the road. Also, PKR 482.6 million were given for the expansion of Jinnah Avenue, which includes adding two more lanes and a bike track at the G-9/F-9 intersection.

Also, the following projects were given the green light:

A total of PKR 10 million has been approved for the National Bus Terminal to be built in sector I-11. This money will pay for a feasibility study and an engineering design.
The PC-I is given PKR 52 million to pay for security gates in different parts of the Red Zone.

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