New U-Turns on Srinagar Highway eliminate Signals

New U-Turns on Srinagar Highway eliminate Signals

New U-Turns on Srinagar Highway eliminate Signals. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has converted Islamabad’s Srinagar Highway into a signal-free corridor by implementing strategic U-Turns, which were opposed by the majority, to alleviate traffic congestion and improve traffic flow.

The Federal Development Organization’s (Capital Development Authority) administration is also implementing effective steps to manage traffic flow in Islamabad, including introducing several types of traffic management systems. In this regard, the administration has implemented Protected U-Turns to aid in the capital’s traffic flow under the Islamabad Traffic Police’s strategy (ITP).

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Highway to Srinagar, Signal-Free, U-Turn

With new U-turns, the Srinagar Highway has been transformed into a signal-free corridor.

According to specifications, the Srinagar Highway project would have three Protected U-Turns, the first erected between G-12 and NUST University. This U-Turn, dubbed the G-12 U-Turn, will be used by traffic heading towards Islamabad to access the G-11 service road, while traffic entering GT Road will use it to access NUST University and Shams Colony.

The second U-Turn, dubbed the G-11 Police Line U-Turn (a.k.a. Protected U-Turn 02), would be utilised by traffic heading towards Islamabad to access the G-10 service road, while traffic coming from GT Road will use it to access the NUST Police Line, H-11, Airport, and GT Road.

The third U-Turn on Srinagar Highway (Protected U-Turn 03), constructed between G-9 and G-10, will be utilised by traffic heading towards Islamabad to access G-8 and G-9. At the same time, commuters from GT Road will use it to access G-11, NUST, and the Airport.

Two of the three U-Turns are fully functioning, while construction on the third U-Turn is now underway and will be completed in two to three days. These U-turns have been designed with sufficient signage to allow drivers to approach them easily.

The interchanges constructed on the Peshawar Mor Interchange would have cost significantly more than Rs. 7.5 billion and taken at least three years to complete. However, thanks to a particular study conducted by the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), the CDA administration could finish the U-Turn project at a relatively low cost.

The completion of this project is projected to improve traffic flow on Srinagar Highway by eliminating unnecessary U-Turns and relocating previously built signal lights.

At this point, the Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) stated that the project’s work had entered the final phases of completion in light of the IG Police Islamabad and SSP Traffic Police comments. The project’s completion will alleviate traffic congestion and save travellers money and time.

Islamabad’s people (Islamabadians) have opposed the U-Turns on the Srinagar Highway, claiming that they have increased travel time and fuel expenses due to their pointlessness. Let us know what you think in the comments area.

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