CDA Grants Margalla Avenue Link Road Extension by Oct. 30

CDA Grants Margalla Avenue Link Road Extension by Oct. 30

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced a new completion date for the Margalla Avenue Link Road Project: 30 October. The objective of the initiative is to connect the newly built Margalla Avenue to the E-11 Sector. Despite previous delays, CDA officials are optimistic that the project will be finished on schedule.

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The 5.5-kilometer road construction began in December 2022 at a total expenditure of approximately 4 billion rupees. However, site officials recognized that the six-month timeframe specified in the project’s plan was insufficient. Therefore, CDA was required to extend the deadline to August 15.

According to CDA officials, the delays were caused by a number of factors, including the relocation of utility services, tree management, land possession issues, and inclement weather. According to them, these obstacles have been eliminated, allowing the project to advance at full speed; it will be concluded in its entirety by October 30.

In addition, the initiative was awarded to the National Logistics Cell (NLC) for approximately Rs3,983 million in the previous year. The road stretches over 5.5 kilometres from Sector D-12, where Margalla Avenue terminates, to Khayyaban-i-Iqbal in E-11.

As motorists have embraced the convenience of the 10-kilometer stretch of Margalla Avenue from G.T. Road to D-12, CDA has identified additional connectivity needs. The primary objective of the initiated portion of the road’s extension towards E-11 and Khayaban-i-Iqbal is to reduce the possibility of traffic congestion.

Additionally, CDA has provided an additional statement. According to recent updates, there are intentions to link the project with the 11th Avenue construction. However, the confirmation letter has not yet begun since former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif initiated the initiative.

During a review of the project’s progress, a CDA representative mentioned that deadline extensions are a prevalent practise in large-scale projects and are frequently used to accelerate construction progress. The official added that the group anticipates the road to be operational by the end of October.

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