CDA Intends to Decrease Carbon Footprints by Introducing Bicycle Lanes

CDA Intends to Decrease Carbon Footprints by Introducing Bicycle Lanes

Islamabad: Implementation of the “Cycling as an Alternate Transport” initiative has been declared by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Over 146 kilometres of dedicated two-way bicycle lanes and 98 kilometres of one-way bicycle lanes will be constructed throughout Islamabad, according to a CDA statement, to reduce carbon footprints and traffic congestion.

The Islamabad administration intends to construct 72 bicycle parking facilities and 100 per cent protected and connected bicycle lanes throughout the federal capital.

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Anwarul Haq, chairman of the CDA, presided over a meeting and stated that the purpose of this endeavour was to create a secure network of bicycle routes throughout the entire city of Islamabad to encourage accessible and secure cycling and provide citizens with an equitable commuting option.

As per the suggested strategy, the initiative would implement infrastructure enhancements to incorporate cycling as a viable alternative means of transit in the city of Islamabad. He stated, “The endeavour is a focused effort to reduce the quantity and impact of greenhouse gas emissions from private vehicles and automobiles.”

Further stated, “Cities worldwide are transitioning to environmentally friendly modes of transportation to reduce their carbon footprints.”

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