CDA Joint Demarcation Drive Conducted for the ROW of Kahuta Road

CDA Joint Demarcation Drive Conducted for the ROW of Kahuta Road

Islamabad: The Joint Demarcation Drive for Kahuta Road’s ROW was conducted. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has agreed to collaborate with the Islamabad and Rawalpindi Revenue Departments to conduct a joint demarcation campaign on Kahuta Road. According to news reports from the 10th of July, the proposed action was intended to determine the Right of Way (ROW). Sihala Road is another name for the Kahuta Road.

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In the meeting, encroachments on the right-of-way (ROW) of Kahuta Road were discussed. Mr Shahjahan Khan, CDA General Enforcement Deputy Director, announced that the Rawalpindi, Islamabad and CDA Land Wing Revenue Departments will conduct this joint demarcation exercise on Kahuta Road.

This drive seeks to determine whether or not there have been roadside encroachments. If an encroachment occurs or is discovered, an operation will be conducted to reclaim the road’s right-of-way. The Deputy Director added that efforts are underway to initiate the project expeditiously, ensuring a prompt resolution of the issue.

From Kakpul to G.T. Road, the breadth of the ROW varies between 30 feet and 85 feet, as noted by the CDA representative. The Sihala Road falls under the jurisdiction of Islamabad, although it is presently administered by Rawalpindi.

This road provides a vital connection between the Islamabad Motorway and the Grand Trunk Road, beginning at G.T. Road and extending to Kahuta. Residents have insisted that encroachments be removed prior to the completion of the road repair project, which is currently in progress.

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