CDA pounder for securing land in Margalla Hill's historic communities

CDA pounder for securing land in Margalla Hill’s historic communities

CDA pounder for securing land in Margalla Hill’s historic communities. People from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) talked about how they plan to buy land from people who used to live in the old villages of Margalla Hills, Zone 3.

According to the Islamabad Master Plan 2040, there will be a lot of tall buildings in Zone 4 by 2040.

It was CDA Chairman Mr. Amir Ali Ahmed who talked about the idea of buying land in villages near the Margalla Hills National Park, like Talhar and Gokina, while he was in charge. The decision will be made in the next few days, and we will let you know soon.

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An official from the CDA said that the civic agency wouldn’t be forced to buy land. The agency will do this: They will go with the soft acquisition. During this type of acquisition, people won’t sell the land to people who want to buy it privately.

Islamabad is divided into five zones, and the Margalla Hills National Park is in Zone-III. It is important because Islamabad is split into five zones. 50,398 acres make up Zone-III; 19,992 acres were bought, and 18,398 acres were owned and bought. 12,008 acres were state and forest land. The official from the CDA also said that the agency will only buy land from old villages.

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