The Margalla Hills encroachment operation by the CDA is now complete

The Margalla Hills encroachment operation by the CDA is now complete

The Margalla Hills encroachment operation by CDA ended on Sunday. There was construction going on in the vicinity. According to Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked the CDA to clear all encroachments operation  from the Margalla Hills. As a result, the CDA carried out some operations in the highlands, but the primary function took place on Sunday in the Talhar area.

Senior police officials, including Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat, CDA Director Enforcement Syed Fatehul Manan, and Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat, were also present.
They removed Margalla Hills encroachments on the directions of the Prime Minister.

Locals objected to the operation, but the deputy commissioner informed them that no one was authorized to affect the landscape of the Margalla Hills by carrying out construction activities under the legislation.

CDA official stated that, we finished our operation in Talhar today, and now we will undertake a plantation drive in the area. He added that private developers were building in the region, but the site was set aside for grassing rather than construction.

They executed the operation on the orders of the CDA chairman, who also happens to be the top commissioner. Following his orders, five people were arrested on Wednesday while guarding a construction site where plots were being carved out after the land.

There are around 4,000 Kanals of land in the stated region that belong to local people or those who bought it from them, but the status of this land is not suitable for construction.

Land mafia had constructed illegal buildings at the foot of the Margalla Hills in Islamabad for some time now, the CDA administration took appropriate action and evacuated the mountain with the support of district administration and Islamabad police.

The Enforcement Department used heavy machinery to demolish multiple unlawful structures in Talhar and Gokina, areas of Islamabad, freeing them from the grip of the land mafia.

The CDA is engaged in continuous operations against illegal Margalla Hills encroachments and constructions, which has resulted in the retrieval of land worth billions of rupees. On the federal government directive, several land grabbers have been detained and taken into custody.

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