Piling begins for the 7th Avenue Interchange project in Islamabad by CDA

Piling begins for the 7th Avenue Interchange project

The National Logistics Cell NLC, hired by the Capital Development Authority CDA to build the 7th Avenue Interchange project, has begun laying piles on the site.

CDA engineer stated, pile testing has begun, and then formal construction will begin. According to him, part of the project included preparing piles to test the load-bearing capabilities of the site. He stated that work on other aspects of the project would begin following the pile testing phase, which would take a few weeks.

CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed told that the contractor had begun work and that test pile cages were being prepared. After the piles are tested, the NLC will begin the digging and construction process, he added, adding that the interchange would give a significant reduction in traffic congestion for citizens. According to a CDA engineer, the formal building will begin in a few weeks.

Prime Minister Imran Khan broke ground on the 7th Avenue Interchange and two other projects last month, including the renovation and expansion of I.J.P Road and the construction of the Sihala flyover.

According to CDA officials, the interchange would be developed at Aabpara at the intersection of 7th Avenue Interchange, Srinagar Highway, Khayaban-i-Soharwardi, and Garden Avenue. It will be shaped like a cloverleaf, with four left and suitable loops and an underpass connecting the two sections of Khayaban-i-Soharwardi.

After submitting the lowest bid against the Frontier Works Organization, the NLC was awarded the contract (FWO). The FWO’s proposal was estimated to be around Rs1.6 billion. The NLC recently received a letter of bid acceptance, according to CDA officials.

The 7th Avenue Interchange was planned in 2008, and CDA management discussed it several times, but the project never saw any real progress. On the other hand, motorists have been stuck in traffic and have had to wait for long periods at the intersection. Daily, long lines of automobiles may be visible, particularly during business and school hours.

We are aware of the issue of lengthy signals and the problems that commuters confront. However, because we have a surplus budget, we will complete this project within a year. NLC is a large construction company, and we expect it to finish the project in less than a year, according to the CDA engineer. According to the engineer, traffic will not be a problem during the first month of testing piles. However, traffic near the site will experience minor disruption after a month.

However, he stated that a traffic diversion strategy is in the works and that the CDA and traffic cops will do everything possible to ensure that motorists are not inconvenienced.

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