CDA Referred Consultant to evaluate the E-11 residents' underpass construction demand

CDA Referred Consultant to evaluate the E-11 residents’ underpass construction demand

Islamabad: In response to a request from Sector E-11 residents for convenient access to the newly constructed D-12/E-11 road, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) referred their matter to the relevant Consultant for advice on whether or not an underpass could be built to assist the residents.

A few days ago, according to sources, CDA Director General Engineering Habibullah Sheikh, Deputy Director General Planning Zafar Iqbal, and other officers reportedly visited E-11. Residents complained that, once the road construction is complete, they must travel an additional kilometer to reach the roundabout to access the road and the adjacent Khyaban-i-Iqbal.

In response to residents’ concerns, CDA officials commissioned a private consultant, who had planned and designed the road to assess the viability of installing a subway.

According to sources, CDA’s planning division had previously stated that the road above, similar to Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Avenue, was a significant thoroughfare where subway access could be granted. They reported that the Consultant has been consulted and will produce recommendations shortly.

“We have requested that the consultant investigate this matter.” “With any luck, the consultant will complete his report within a week,” remarked a CDA officer.

“The residents of the entire E-11 sector cannot access the new road from E-11 and proceed to the Margalla Road due to the road’s design.” The sector is virtually entangled in it. A resident stated, “We presented our case to CDA officials, and they have referred it to the consultant; we shall see.”

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It is pertinent to mention that in October, the Islamabad High Court, upon petition from a group of residents, ordered the CDA to resolve the matter through on-site discussion in consultation with the petitioners.

The members of the planning and engineering divisions were ordered by the Islamabad High Court to visit E-11 at the specified date and time, during which they were also granted an opportunity to present their case to the petitioners.

IHC Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani’s order stated, “There is no denial that the CDA authorities are well within their authority to rectify any obstacle or planning error, without incurring financial loss themselves or having it considered an administrative error if they conclude in favor of the petitioners by stating their opinion on the additional cost that will be incurred on the bypass.”

The inhabitants stated that they do not have any concerns regarding the entrance to the E-11 sector; however, they anticipate encountering challenges at the exit, as they will need to travel an additional kilometer to reach Khyaban-i-Iqbal, Margalla Road, and 11th Avenue.

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