Opening of the Bhara Kahu bypass for motorcycles

Opening of the Bhara Kahu bypass for motorcycles

Board Chairman of the CDA Anwarul Haq and Chief Commissioner Islamabad have directed the local administration to lift the prohibition of motorcycle riding on the Bhara Kahu bypass in ISLAMABAD.

A few days ago, the chief commissioner expressed concern regarding the closure of the Bhara Kahu bypass for motorcyclists and the excessive traffic volume.

Aneel Saeed, an assistant commissioner of the secretariat, inspected the bypass and issued a directive to motorcyclists to observe traffic regulations when traversing the bypass road.

He also instructed the traffic police to enforce the helmet requirement for all motorcyclists.

The bypass project was concluded at a cost exceeding Rs6.5 billion; officials estimate that the additional work will result in a cost increase of over Rs1.5 billion. A consultant is evaluating the cost and additional labor as a third-party validation.

CDA representatives stated that the bypass’s structural integrity was uncompromised and could be reopened to heavy traffic.

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They reported that heavy traffic was prohibited from using the bypass road due to several abrupt curves that posed a hazard for such vehicles.

However, all parties involved reached a consensus that road closures in the event of heavy traffic were not viable solutions. Instead, they recommended implementing speed breakers, signboards, and traffic police deployment.

Additionally, measures were being taken to clear the road for heavier traffic, according to the CDA officers.

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