Islamabad Residents Urge for Blue Line Route Expansion

Islamabad Residents Urge for Blue Line Route Expansion

Islamabad: housing society residents situated close to the Islamabad Motorway have demanded that the Blue Line metro bus service be extended to the PWD interchange, where construction has been completed and the road has been broadened.

According to the inhabitants of neighboring communities, including Korang, Jinnah Garden, PWD, Sohan, and others, the expansion would enhance traffic flow on a critical thoroughfare connecting the two metropolitan areas. They stated that the Blue Line service was initially scheduled to traverse the route. Still, the undertaking was postponed because of road conditions and subsequent expansion and construction from Korang Bridge to Rawat.

In tandem with the demand, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to implement 160 electric buses along thirteen routes in the nation’s capital.

As the extensive work to install new road lanes up to the PWD interchange has been completed, Jinnah Garden resident Raziq Shah recommended extending the Blue Line route. According to him, it would accommodate a substantial number of commuters, including students.

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Abdul Quddus, a PWD trader, remarked that the motorway bus service had furnished the populace with essential transportation amenities. He asserted that the route of the newly constructed multi-lane road connecting Korang Bridge and Naval Anchorage Housing Society should be expeditiously extended to include a pedestrian and bicycle interchange, as this development has improved traffic flow.

Two working women and residents of Korang town, Humaira, and Shaheena Jabeen, stated that the bus service had facilitated their commute to the Blue Area workplace.

“However, private vehicles are still required to transport us to the Koral bus stand, where we can board the metro bus,” they explained. Humaira stated, “Traversing the distance from the PWD interchange to Koral in a private vehicle is challenging.”

Several residents, Ahmed Ghulam, a retiree, proposed that the CDA-announced construction of additional passageways for electric buses from various commercial and residential areas connect the metro bus route.

In order to accommodate the expanding population of commuters, who “are frequently crammed beyond capacity in each moving vehicle, especially during rush hour,” he proposed increasing the number of buses. Moreover, he proposed an expansion of the service hours.

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