CDA requests I-15 allotees deposit development fees before tomorrow

CDA requests I-15 allotees deposit development fees before tomorrow

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has instructed I-15 allotees to settle development expenses by August 30 or lose their plots.

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The allotees disputed the civic agency’s decision, saying the CDA’s deadline was unjustified because the two sub-sectors were still developing.

Dawn was told by allottees that CDA failed to develop the sector after they bought plots in 2005. They stated asking allottees to submit construction charges so quickly is unjustified. They also said CDA did not demand development fees during 2005 allotment.

However, member estate CDA Afnan Alam defended the CDA move, saying that 70% of the sector’s development work has been completed and over 6,000 possession letters are ready to be issued to allottees. The development charges are nominal and justified, and allottees must deposit them to avoid plot cancellation.

He indicated many allottees had paid their dues. For a deadline extension, he said, “We can look into it sympathetically, but every allottee is bound to deposit dues.”

The CDA had made great progress, and development work in two sub sectors, I-15/3 and 4, is complete. Development in the other two, (1 and 2), continues at full speed. He said CDA has collected almost five billion rupees from Park Enclave allottees.

An engineer from CDA claimed 85pc of sub sector 1 development work is done and 75pc of sub sector 2.

He added the CDA is slightly having trouble acquiring land in sub sector I, but the land directorate is working hard to rectify it.

Due to CDA mismanagement, I sectors for low-income housing have been blocked for years. Successive CDA managements have given several reasons for not developing these areas.

I-15 was created for low-income residents only in 2005. It has 10,289 plots. Sector I-12 development is underway like I-15.

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