Four Thal Express train bogies derail in Mianwali

Four Thal Express train bogies derail in Mianwali

Tuesday in MIANWALI, four cars of the Thal Express train destined for Multan derailed near the local train station; however, no one was injured.

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According to railway sources, as the passenger train slowed down before accessing the station’s platform, its final four passenger-laden bogies derailed.

The locomotive engineer applied the train’s brakes and brought the train to a stop upon recognizing the predicament.

Fortunately, none of the derailed cars overturned, and no passengers were injured.

Following the incident, the track was closed to rail traffic and a crane from the Kundian Railway junction was brought in to remove it.

Prior to the submission of this report, the track-clearing operation was ongoing.

This writer was informed by a railway official that the disaster occurred due to the need to replace the ageing railway track.

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