Encroachments removed from Peshawar's Northern Bypass

Encroachments removed from Peshawar’s Northern Bypass

PESHAWAR: By tearing down encroachments and regaining a sizable chunk of land on Wednesday, the district administration cleared a significant portion of the long-delayed Northern Bypass.

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The 32 stores and other structures that were erroneously built on the encroached land were destroyed by the district administration.

According to a statement released here, the district administration recovered 165 Kanals of land during the anti-encroachment effort, clearing the way for the completion of the northern bypass.

The completion of the northern bypass now would not be delayed, according to Assistant Commissioner Rao Hashim, who also predicted that it will happen soon.

Speaking to Dawn, Mr. Hashim claimed that 165 kanals of agricultural land had also been invaded by the villagers. The assistant commissioner stated that it will now take six months to complete the northern bypass.

He said that package 1 of the northern bypass, which began at the Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway, had already been finished and that the main obstacle to finishing the remaining stretch of the road was encroachments.

The operation against encroachments will continue indiscriminately in all parts of Peshawar, according to Peshawar Deputy Commissioner Shah Fahad, and harsh punishment would be taken against individuals erecting unauthorized constructions.

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