CDA to Elevate Building Control Fees in Coming Fiscal Year

CDA to Elevate Building Control Fees in Coming Fiscal Year

Islamabad: Following a recent meeting by CDA Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa, the Capital Development Authority is poised to enact significant modifications to its fee system for building control activities.

The information indicates that the CDA Building Control Directorate has chosen to raise several building control-related fees for the fiscal year 2023–2024. These consist of setback costs, fines for unpermitted construction activities, and scrutiny fees, among other things.

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The cost associated with changing the land use and floor area ratio (FAR) will also be updated; it hasn’t changed since 2017. Also, to provide a seamless transition, the current fees will be applied before July 1st, 2024, when the new cost structure will take effect.

In keeping with its mandate for urban development and administration, the CDA is committed to efficiently administering and regulating building activities in the capital city, and these modifications specifically affect land use amendments in Zones II, IV, and V.

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