CDA Will Construct A New Modern Park In Islamabad

CDA Will Construct A New Modern Park In Islamabad

CDA Will Construct A New Modern Park In Islamabad. The people in charge of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) are doing everything they can to give healthy activities and fun things to do to the people of Islamabad.

In this way, the management of CDA is going to spend Rs 270 million to build a modern park in Park Enclave Phase-III on Park Road in Islamabad. In this area, formal bids will soon be flouted in national dailies.

Based on the details, the park will have different sections. For example, there will be a place for kids to play and a place just for women.

So that the environment stays green and full of life, a rose garden with different coloured flowers that bloom at different times of the year will also be built. This way, people who come to the resort can fully enjoy the greenery and natural beauty.

The park will also have bike paths, jogging paths, benches, baby swings, parking, proper lighting, and high-tech security systems.

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At this time, the people in charge of the Capital Development Authority said that giving the people of Islamabad, especially children, places to play and a healthy environment is one of the organization’s top priorities.

A modern park will have bike paths, benches, baby swings, jogging paths, parking, lighting systems, and high-tech security systems.

Amir Ali Ahmed, who is the head of the CDA, also went to the Citizen Facilitation Centre on Monday. Officials from the relevant departments, such as board members, were also there.

When this happened, the head of the CDA told the departments in charge to make sure that all services were available to citizens who came to the center.

He also told people to make sure there were enough fans and seats in the waiting area. He also said that questions from the public should be answered quickly.

He said that setting up a Citizen Facilitation Centre is meant to give all services to citizens in one place. To do this, all of the available resources should be used to give the people good services.

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