CDA will Construct Pedestrian Bridges in Three Distinct Locations

CDA will Construct Pedestrian Bridges in Three Distinct Locations

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is commencing various measures to ensure citizens can access the highest amenities. One such measure is the implementation of pedestrian bridges in three distinct locations.

The civic organization will install pedestrian bridges across the Srinagar Highway to reduce road accidents.

As per a press release, Sector G-7/4, Metro Bus Station, and Srinagar Highway will be closed entirely to all traffic in observance of the implementation of one of these three pedestrian bridges. Furthermore, the governing body has urged the Islamabad Traffic Police to promptly establish alternate routes for the convenience of the public, thereby ensuring that the citizens encounter no obstacles.

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Similarly, the CDA administration has urged members of the community to work diligently with the ITP to inhibit any untoward occurrences. Dr. GoharEjaz, minister for the interior, issued a directive to the district administration of Islamabad Capital Territory to begin inexpensive marketplaces for the general community in the capital.

The minister stated that the district administration and Islamabad police should contribute to a more tranquil and satisfactory standard of living for the inhabitants of the federal capital.

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