Chinese company will aid in the development of Pakistan's mining sector

Chinese company will aid in the development of Pakistan’s mining sector

The leading newspaper in Pakistan reported on November 2 that a Chinese company called MCC Resources Development Co Ltd (MRDL) has promised to help develop the mining industry in Pakistan.

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The Chinese company is working on the Saindak copper-cobalt-gold project and recently celebrated 20 years of business. MRDL President Zhang Zhijun, MRDL Chairman He Xuping, Saindak Metals Limited (SML) Managing Director Muhammad Raziq Sanjrani, MRDL Senior Vice President Muhammad Nawaz Khan, and others attended a ceremony to mark the event.

At the event, the chairman said that both countries had worked together to set up a non-ferrous metal mine that combines mining, smelting, and concentrating. He went on to say that the company had standardised its management, met the terms of its cooperation agreements, and worked with SML to grow, stay stable, and keep working well.

Chairman Xuping also said that the company has trained a lot of mining engineers and other experts to meet the needs of the mining industry in the future. He said that the project had been put into the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as a mega project (CPEC).

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