CM Naqvi visits Ring Road SL-3, announces opening soon

CM Naqvi visits Ring Road SL-3, announces opening soon

Lahore: Temporary According to news stories from October 12, Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Mohsin Naqvi paid a formal visit to the Maraka Interchange – Ring Road Southern Loop-3 (SL-3) project to see how the ongoing work was progressing.

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After touring Ring Road SL-3, CM Mohsin Naqvi spoke to the media, emphasizing the importance of this significant Lahore project that would soon be open to the public. He pledged that Southern Loop would make every effort to complete the project as quickly as possible, highlighting the significance of the Maraka interchange that links SL-3 and SL-4. The travel between Lahore, Kasur, and South Punjab will be significantly facilitated by this connection.

Frontier Works Organization (FWO) representatives gave CM Naqvi a briefing on the SL-3 project. They stated that 100% progress had been made and that the joint survey and road cleaning work had been finished. 20% of the work on 8 bridges, 5 subways, and 14 drainage canals has been finished. A total of 88 million feet of land will be used to build the subway along the 8-kilometer-long route, and 20 million feet of earth for road construction has already been processed.

In addition, Mohsin Naqvi mentioned that the Maraka Interchange would eventually connect to SL-4. He expressed his dedication to growth as he spoke about his most recent visit to Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur and the continued work of his team to evaluate several cities.
As part of its attempts to prevent smog, the Punjab interim chief minister announced intentions to convene the upcoming supervisory cabinet meeting in a divisional headquarters outside of Lahore. At all projects, including the Marakah SL-3 project, water is being sprayed over the area to alleviate the problem. Decisions are still pending after consultation with smog experts. Based on professional recommendations and the intensity of the smog, the next cabinet meeting will consider additional actions. The Chief Secretary, IG Punjab, Secretary C&W, and FWO representatives were present during the meeting.

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