Commissioner Directs to Speed up Rawalpindi Ring Road Construction

Commissioner Directs to Speed up Rawalpindi Ring Road Construction

Rawalpindi: Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha ordered expediting work on the Rawalpindi Ring Road by implementing day and night schedules.

A meeting to review the progress of the Rawalpindi Ring Road and Daducha Dam projects was held under his presidency.

Although work on the Rawalpindi Ring Road was proceeding at an extraordinary rate, he explained, the project had to be completed before the designated deadline, which required the operation of double shifts.

Given the length of the winter night, he advised the contractor to maintain nighttime operations.

He stated that the Daducha Dam should increase its workforce, and construction on its various sections should commence concurrently. According to him, these public welfare initiatives cannot afford any additional delay.

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During this event, officials affiliated with the Rawalpindi Ring Road project provided the commissioner with an update indicating that the project’s physical progress is 8.8 per cent.

Permanent relocation of utility services along the project route is being implemented to prevent the expense and effort associated with frequent relocation should a permanent resolution not be found.

Concerning the status of the Daducha Dam project, it was disclosed that activities recommenced on November 9. At this time, excavation for the spillway is underway. Considering the Supreme Court’s ruling, the Planning and Development Department Lahore has been provided with the revised PC-I.

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