Compensation for private housing society victims coming shortly

Compensation for private housing society victims coming shortly

According to a news source on October 21, a private housing society and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in Rawalpindi have struck a settlement that would see a payment of PKR 600 million dispersed among the affected parties shortly.

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The NAB spokeswoman has informed that Accountability Court-1 approved the plea agreement with no reservations. A total of 1,019 people committed sizable sums to buy plots within the housing society. They were unable to get the promised plots, though. According to a NAB representative, the impacted parties will shortly get the recovered cash.

In addition, the RDA launched a substantial campaign against illegal housing societies, which resulted in the destruction of encroachments and illegal buildings in 11 distinct societies.

Furthermore, according to the RDA, 336 of the 484 housing societies in the garrison city are operating unlawfully since they lack the required legal paperwork from the governing body.

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