Construction on the DHA Multan Motorway has begun

Construction on the DHA Multan Motorway has begun

Multan: On Saturday, October 21, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Multan staged a groundbreaking ceremony for the DHA Multan Motorway. On October 23, this was posted on the authority’s official Facebook page.

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The DHA Multan Motorway, a massive infrastructural undertaking that is expected to revolutionize communication in the area, had its groundbreaking ceremony supervised by Project Director Brig Shoeb Anwar Kayani, SI(M), according to the post. The 300-foot-wide, 12-lane motorway starts at Multan Public School Road (Bahauddin Zakariya Gate) and will connect directly to Multan City.

The Project Director emphasised during the event the significant benefits that people would receive from the DHA Motorway. He stated that this motorway would significantly shorten commuters’ travel distances and times to Multan City. Additionally, it is anticipated to increase DHA Multan’s construction, liveability, commercial activity, and property values by stimulating these factors.

Additionally, Brig Shoeb Anwar Kayani emphasised that DHA Multan’s substantial road network and connectivity serve as a distinguishing feature and position the neighbourhood as a self-sufficient one. Notably, DHA Multan has four grand entrances, one each on the National Highway, Bosan Road, Multan City’s MPS Road, and Matittal Road, further emphasising its interconnectedness and accessibility.

Real estate experts from Multan and Lahore, as well as inhabitants of DHA Multan, enthusiastically participated in the groundbreaking event and enthusiastically celebrated this key milestone achievement for the community.

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