DHA Lahore opened the procedure for building control processes

DHA Lahore opened the procedure for building control processes

DHA Lahore has opened the application procedure for building control processes. According to a news report published on Tuesday, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore administration declared that builders and developers will be able to submit their applications for construction control processes online (January 4).

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According to the specifics, the DHA management has begun implementing efforts to improve the convenience and comfort of its members and employees.

Members can apply for permission for the following facilities by submitting an online application:

• Site plans; water and sewer connections; use of cranes, excavators, and tractors; physical delineation; use of plot as lawn; completion certificate; placement of security cabin; renovation or demolition of the building.

Those interested in applying for the above-mentioned process can locate the necessary documentation on the authority’s website, which can be found under the ‘Building Control’ category.

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